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a good Heriz/Karaja carpet. Clear vegetable dyes in good original condition. a solid, clean carpet, washed and floor ready. 383x296cm. Circa 1900
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An antique Baluch rug, finely woven with good dyes. Even low pile, original kilim ends. Late 19th century. Not too expensive.
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azerbaijan carpet 100 years old size115/95
price:  650 dolar
a good antique Ferahan carpet with unusual and massive Herat design on navy ground, a look reminiscent of early Kurdish carpets. Good ... read more
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Early 19th Century West Anatolian Balıkesir Yüncü Kilim Size.216x153cm
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19th Century Bergama Rug Size 120 x 145 cm.It's in perfect condition and untouched one.
price:  On Request
Kurdish bagface Size: 66x68cm Natural colors, super wool quality, circa 80 - 90 years old
price:  €175
19th Century Schirvan Kuba Rug 125 x 180 cm
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This pair of early Qing dynasty Shanxi province black lacquer food containers is beautifully decorated with polychrome painted landscape scenes. Made from a ... read more
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18th c Bronze Hindu 'Coin Cache': In bygone days, in rural India, a man would conceal his wealth in ... read more
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Tibet ali area carpet, size 140x85cm, about 1900 years, welcome to consult.
Antique Khotan, size 8.5 x 4.9
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Old Ersari prayer rug c. 1940-50s Size: 116x75 cm
price:  75 euro
This is an authentic early 1900s all-wool Konya rug in Kazak design in brilliant colours defying age and use Origin: Turkey, Konya Measurements: c. ... read more
price:  300 euro
Ersari Beshir 120 x 55 Cm. with fringes 90 cm / 3 feet, 4 ftx 1.8 ft. Tent bag.
Shahsavan Sumak Mafrash long panel. Antique, beautiful, colorful & rare. ......archaic....almost childish drawing......great colors......rough weaving.....primitive......genuine..authentic......trash or masterpiece?...... Pls ask for more pics &
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Antique Anatolian yastik. 19th Century. All dyes natural. Please ask for additional photos.
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Shahsavan boteh design rug fragment with incredible border (detail). Mid 19th c. You will probably never see another. Super cool!
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Afshar bagface in great original condition. 2'5''x2'2''. a little low here and there but nothing too significant. i think i ... read more
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One of the highlights of the embroidery-craftmanships ... a ceremonial luxury wall hanging, so called Haiti, Morocco, mid 1800's Golden embroidery on ... read more
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Antique Anatolian Kilim Fragment,347 x 95 cm , link
Old Anatolian Kilim size.260x80cm
price:  por
Georgian rug, antique, with text. Zurvanist fire torch and fire symbol in the border. Wine glass and saw blade called. 1900-1910. ... read more
Caucassian Kasak carpet wonderful colors and excellent condition full pile all original size 3,95x1,96 cm Circa 1890-1900
price:  On Request
Early 19th Century Central Anatolian Konya Prayer Rug Size.154x108 Cm
price:  Por
#7399 Konya This very antique possibly circa 18c? Konya measures 3’11” x 4’10” (120 x 150 cm). This rug is all things Konya. ... read more
Turkoman tent bant Fragment wonderful colors size (52x16 inches) 1,34x41 cm Circa 1900
price:  350+shipping
Antique Peru or Bolivia(3 piece), no: 165, size: 97*34cm, pictorial design, wool on wool, wall hangings.
Amazing Colors ! Middle of the 19th Century Shirvan Rug Size 122 x 150 cm
price:  On Request
timuri beluç entak size 145/95
price:  800 dolar
Antique Caucasian Borjalı Rug Size.254x126 Cm
price:  Por
Tekke chuval 1.33 x0.66
price:  ask
Colors ! 19th Century Shahsavan Reverse Sumac Size 49 x 50 cm
price:  On Request
Nice chuval, some damage
price:  Sold thank you
19th Century Small Heriz Rug Size 140 x 185 cm It Has Great Colors.
price:  On Request
18th Century Anatolian Kula rug Size 130 x 175 cm.It's in good condition and has great wool.The back is extra fine like
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