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Abochhini Wedding Shawl from Sindh Region of Undivided India. India Silk Embroidery on the Cotton,With Stamp Mark showing the Company name Ellinger ... read more
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for those who really appreciate tibetan weaving culture...a truly nomadic saddle top , thick brown undyed abrashed pile with yak wool warps..complete ... read more
Persian afshar size:190x150-cm please ask
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Lovely Afghan Baluch “Five Mirahb” design prayer rug from Tchichaktu. This was made circa 1970/1980. Aside from some missing fringe this carpet ... read more
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a great, early, all silk Kerman. 6'2" x 4'2". Please visit our website for more great woven art: link
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Baluch balisht with Turkmen tent band references.
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Antique Central Anatolian (Kirsehir area) yastik, with a field composed of three vertical bands with meander vine motifs. Last quarter of ... read more
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Antique Persian Malayer Northwest Hamadan, circa 1850-1880's, size: 8'10" x 11'7" / 270 x 352 cm , excellent condition.
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This early 18th century possibly mid-17th century Konya antique rug is incredibly beautiful and certainly belongs in any museum. It measures 4’5” ... read more
This circa 1860 Talish antique rug measures 3’6” x 7’8” (110 x 238 cm). This is a so called Star Talish for ... read more
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Interesting Khamseh rug, cane design with two superb medallions. link
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Good Khamseh rug with boteh design. link
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Extremely fine beautiful carpet in silk and wool, few re-paired areas, size: 9.2 x 6 feet.
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Mid 19th Century West Anatolian megri fragment Rug Size.96x57cm
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Konya Kilim, Late 18th to Early 19th Century. It has that old Konya purple and a gorgeous strong green. The ... read more
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Antique Malayer on camel background. 203 x 130 cm Circa 1900 Well preserved with little border damage (check photos)
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Baluch Balisht(?), ne Persia, 19th century, 1' 5" x 3' 1" The function of this enigmatic weaving from ne Persia is unclear. ... read more
Veramin Trapping/Mafrash Panel/Torba(?), n. Persia, 19th c., 3’1” x 1’3” Over the years, we have all seen a number of Veramin weavings with ... read more
Impressive and rare Northwest Persian bagface in good condition. All natural colors. Circa 1880.
Kyrgyz "Ok Bosh" (wool felt with wool/cotton embroidery), Central Asia, 19th c., 1'2" x 2'7" (excluding tassels) It is rare ... read more
Antique Caucasian Kazak Karachop size: 200x160 cm.
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Antique East Anatolian Sivas Rug
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Antique Persian Sarouk Small Rug Circa 1880 All Colours Natural Size.160x100 Cm
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Antique Quashgai bagface. Softer colour palette, all colours good. Some very small spots of old repair. 27in by 24in
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Small kordi kelim bag, wonderful colours, great condition. 15in by 13in
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Antique Kurd bag. Excellent saturated colours, great condition Some areas where the brown has corroded to the knot base 21in by 29in
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Antique Persian Kurdish Bag face Size.61x56 Cm
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Antique Anatolian Kilim Fragment
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Djulchir Uzbekistan, ca. 1930, 102x365 cm
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Chinese Baotou horse saddle, blue background with double group dragon pattern. Good age and condition. Size 145*66cm(57*26”)
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Yomud Turkmen Chuval - 3'9 x 2'7 - 115 x 79 cm.
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Avar Caucasian Saddle Bag - early 20th c. Fold marks and remnants of stitching on the sides suggest use, probably opened to
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Qashqai Kilim 1870 circa in very good condition,size 282x150cm
a Stunning and Fine Yomud Engsi, West Turkestan, Mid 19th century, 5'4" x 4'1". Exhibited in "Rugs from Private Collections in the ... read more
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Varamin chanteh wool and cotton,size 32x30cm
Mid 19th century Qashqai rug. link Very fine weave, superb colour, great drawing. Published and museum exhibited.
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