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Antique Kurdish 4'x8'8'' Dated. excellent untouched condition.
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Antique South Caucasian Shirvan kilim of outstanding colour and design. link Size: 9ft 4in x 5ft 9in (285 x 175cm). Circa 1880. a ... read more
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Antique Turkish Malatya kilim with excellent design and colour. link Size: 11ft 6in x 5ft 5in (350 x 164cm). Late 19th century. This ... read more
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Antique ‘Jail’ Agra rug with all over large boteh design. link Size: 7ft 11in x 5ft 1in (241 x 155cm). Circa 1870/80. These ... read more
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Gocmen kilim. Cm 140x285. Vintage. Very good weaving with no difference between front and back. Priced to sell: $ 420 plus ups ... read more
price:  420$ + 50$ UPS
Shahsavan bag face size 50x61cm
price:  Por
antique afshar rug dating from the early 1900s. The rug has glowing natural colours especially in the flower heads which make up ... read more
price:  euros 280.
Full original piled Caucasian,very good overall condition, almost done with cleaning, posting it in the next 24 hours. Listening; "T-Bone Walker, Big ... read more
price:  595,oo Euro
a very funky Julkhyr from North East Afghanistán woven by Uzbek women. Woven in two strips and sewn together. This julkhyr will ... read more
price:  495 EUROS
An Afghan Dawlatabad Turkman cuval woven with soft and shinny wool. The light blue colour adds a nice touch to this piece. ... read more
price:  1450 EUROS
a beautiful antique silk cross-stitched belt made by the Uzbek Lakai tribe of Central Asia. This fine and functional belt, dates around ... read more
price:  SOLD
Anatolian yastik. Size: 21" x 35" - 53 cm x 88 cm.
price:  O.R.
Antique Tekke khorjin in very good, complete condition. The piece shows a beautiful Salor Gul in the middle of each bag. ... read more
price:  SOLD .Thank you..
Turkmen Yomud - Aksu torba. Size: 14.9" x 38 cm x 65 cm.
price:  O.R.
Luri sumakh khorjin with nice brocaded back. Very good drawing. As found, excellent condition, would enjoy a wash. Size 37.4 x 19.3 ... read more
price:  Sold, thank you
Beautiful and unique Manastir kilim prayer? sofreh? small rug from the mid 19c, 84cm x 64cm. Great tribal design, soft madder red field. ... read more
price:  $950
Saf kilim fragment, mounted, quite old,
Lori - Bakhtiari Persian Carpet. More information https:// link
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Spectacular antique Bijar kelim, 117 x 161 cm. Missing top border replaced by denim strip
price:  USD 700.- including shipping
Classic Anatolian Elibelinde kelim fragment, 114 x 234 cm
price:  USD 2100.- including shipping
Turki kilim wool good price size:205x145-cm please ask
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Authentic Asymmetric Antique 19th c. Kurdish Tribal Rug w/ Goats All Natural Dyes 3'8" x 7'6". Overall the Rug is in very ... read more
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Authentic Asymmetric Antique Kurdish Tribal Rug w/ Goats All Natural Dyes 3'8" x 7'6". Overall the Rug is in very Good Condition ... read more
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Anatolian Rihanli Kelim circa 1865 antique. Collector's item, Size: 397 x 160 (cm) 13' x 5' 3" carpet id: A-1107 Elegant ... read more
price:  On request
Caucasian Moghan saddle bag, circa 1885 antique, collector's item. Size: 114 x 44 (cm) 3' 9" x 1' 5" carpet id: ... read more
price:  private collection
nw persia azarbaijan hashtrood saddlebag based on wool foundation in perfect condition,Size:120x53 cm
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Object: Kurdish Hamedan rug. Manufacturing area: North West Iran. Pattern: The midfield consists of a repeated bird/eagle pattern in different colors. The main border ... read more
price:  699 usd
Lovely heybe
price:  Please ask
Lur, Luri, Luristan, See also; John j Collins,Jr. "Shiraz" plate 1 . Full original pile, with kilim top and bottom end. Wool ... read more
price:  395,oo Euro
Bachtiar, Bakhtiari, Probably a Saman town rug, Chahar Mahal province ."Anchor Medallion ". Wool on wool ,dark warps, good overall condition, good colors, ... read more
price:  495,oo Euro.
eastanatolian flatweave 81x113cm, very good condition
"sunday sale" 50% off until april 9th, 9am - Singapore Time on this beautiful Qashqai & more.
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Turkmen Yomut Torba,78x40cm,end of 19th century, complete, very good condition, cleaned, is searching a new home.
price:  € 380.-
Antique Beshir Turkmen chuval with the Mina Khani design and silk highlights. link Size: 5ft 4in x 3ft 2in (163 x 95cm). Circa ... read more
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Antique Tekke Turkmen chuval with 'Salor' guls. link Size: 4ft 9in x 2ft 6in (144 x 76cm). Circa 1880. a very good chuval ... read more
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