Antique Shasavan fragment
Antique Shasavan fragment
Antique Anatolian Rug Fragment
price:  por
Antique Anatolian Konya Ladik Rug Fragment
price:  por
Early 19th Century Tekke Six Gul Torba Fragment size 46x90 cm
price:  on Request
Antique Beijing Fragment with charming Fo-dog. 146x89cm
price:  € 780
Antique Syrian Halep Kilim Fragment Size.198x92cm
price:  Por
Caucasian Rug Fragments 155 x 120 cm / 5'1''x 3'11''
price:  On Request
Antique East Anatolian Rug Fragment
price:  por
a museum grade and very rare Antique imperial 17th century Chinese Ming dynasty dragon gold and silk k'o-ssu / Kesi fragment. This ... read more
price:  Very Good Price
fragment, 160 x 82 Cm. Marsh Arabs from teh area between the Euphrates and the Tigris south Irak. The lost paradise. They ... read more
price:  € 650,00 + shipping
Indian Kashmir Shawl Fragment 70 x 94 cm/ 27 x 37 inches
price:  On Request
Indian Kashmir Shawl Fragment 78 x 92 cm / 30 x 36 inches
price:  On Request
Indian Kashmir Shawl Fragment 68 x 78 cm / 26 x 30 inches
price:  On request
a Chan Karabagh fragment. Probably first half of the 19th century. Interesting cross design usually seen in Shahsavan bags. Beautifully articulated border ... read more
price:  por
Early 18th c Caucasian Kuba Fragmengt Rug Size.105x40cm
price:  Por
Antique Central East Anatolian Sivas Rug Fragment
price:  por
Anatolian Karapinar Fragment .
Antique West Anatolian Rug Fragment
price:  por
Beautiful decoration of horses , good condition , some velvet and ikat fragments and embroidery... first twenty century Size: 160/150 cm
Early 19th c. East Anatolian Kurdish rug fragment. Cleaned & professionally mounted on linen.
Antique Anatolian Rug Fragment.125 x 90 cm. link
Antique Anatolian Rug Fragment,147 x 118 cm. link
Complete fragment of a 4 by 10 Tekke main carpet mid 19th , cut and joined ... Beautiful old thing .
price:  POR
An early, very rare thing ( 18th? early 19th? ) woven in a rare format. This piece is complete and all ... read more
price:  por
Large 18c Ushak Saf fragment with 4 niches, noble but battered with beautiful colors and drawing, condition as shown, no repairs or ... read more
price:  2,500 or best offer
18th Century Central Anatolia Cappadocian Rug Fragment size 117 x 167 cm mounted on linen professionally
price:  On Request
Turkmen Kilim fragments. Sizes: 20" x 52" - 52 cm x 137 cm and 30" x 50" - 77 cm x 129
price:  P.O.R.
19th century Anatolian kurdish fragment,136 x 110 cm link
An Oltenian Folk Kelim fragment, 9ft x 3.7ft. (275 x 115 cm.) Southern Romania, early 20 th. century. The design with ... read more
price:  On Request
Early 19th Century Central Anatolian Aksaray Gelvery fragment Rug both sides cut and shut as you can see from pictures Size.184x123cm
price:  Por
Antique Ushaq runner fragment wonderful colors and very old Circa 1850-1860
price:  On Request
Turkmen Ersary all wool ikat design torba fragment. Circa - 1900 or earlier size : 30" x 13" - 76 cm x ... read more
price:  O.R.
Anatolian Rug Fragment, 120 x 106 cm link
Antique Shirvan Fragment Carpet size: 137x45
price:  Ask Please
Antique Anatolian Mucur Fragment Carpet size: 133x68
price:  Ask Please
Anatolian (Cappadocian) fragment. Sewn at top to a linen fabric backing; velcro strip for hanging. u. s. buyers only.
price:  $750 OBO
An early Yomut chuval fragment.
price:  Sold
Agra rug fragment size 244x134 cm
price:  Por
Early 18th Century Kapadokya Frangment Rug Size.108x77cm
price:  Por
size : 70 x 110 (cm) 18th Century West Anatolian Karakeçili fragment
price:  350 $
size: 85 x 115 (cm) 19th Century Central Anatolian carpet fragment
price:  200 $
size: 95 x 115 18th Century Anatolian Probably Konya Area Fragment . (madder)
price:  370 $
Antiqu 19 cKashmir moon shawl fragment
price:  $320 inc postage
18th Century Central Anatolia Cappadocian Rug Fragment size 117x167 cm mounted on linen
price:  On Request
Baotou Runner: Early 20th century fragment of large Inner Mongolian rug with repetitive floral pattern on a grid. a very stunning piece, ... read more
price:  $450.00
Early 19th Century East Anatolian Rug Fragment size 80x120 cm professionally mounted on linen
price:  On Request
Suzani Fragment from Uzbekistan 40 x 141 cm / 1'3'' x 4'7''
price:  On Request
Ottoman Embroidery Fragment 108 x 134 cm / 3'6'' x 4'4''
price:  On Request
Antique east anatolian rug fragment
price:  Por
An antique 'Hadji Jalili' Tabriz carpet fragment, 5ft x 2.85ft (153 x 87 cm.) circa 1870-1880. The pale blue ground with arabesque, ... read more
price:  160 USD
Turkish Anatolia hasan dagı rug frakment size=170x140
price:  350€
size: 45 x 140 (cm) 19th Century rus (kazak) fragment. an array of very nice organic colors.
price:  220 $
size: 105 x 118 (cm) 19th Century rus (kazak) fragment. ... an array of very nice organic colors. fragment
price:  300 $
Antique Nortwest Persian Rug Fragment
price:  por
a battered Turkmen tent band fragment with a beautiful orange red. Good age. Cm 194 x 37.
price:  On request
Old East Anatolian Rug Fragment
price:  por
Very cool early Persian Lori rug fragment.(68" x 45"). Unique??
price:  SOLD > Thanks!
Early 19th Century West Anatolian Bergama fragment Rug Size.100x90cm
price:  Por
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