Kilims and Flatweaves

Antiker Schirwan Kelim 290x155cm
price:  900 Euro
Old Sahsavan Sumak Bag Face
price:  $ 675 incl shipping
Caucasian Sumak Mafrash panel slightly on the coarse side but with a very bold great design 38 x 99 cm / 1'2'' x
price:  On Request
18th Century Central Anatolian Aksaray Kilim Size.380x155cm
price:  Por
Mongolian Chinese flat weave. Monguor 'of Mongolian Uyghur descent' 4.5 f x 5.5 feet. see : https:// link
price:  £450
Early 19ht Century Anatolian Kilim fragment Size.68x67cm
price:  Por
#1b70 Hand made antique Moroccan kilim 5.7' x 9' ( 173cm x 274cm ) 1920.c
price:  $1650
Beautiful, elegant, diagonal striped khorjin bag face. Kurdish. Any other attribution? Size is cm 60x60. Pile plus kilim ends, Old enough to ... read more
price:  please inquire
Mix Technical Bag Kilim,Knots and Sumac 19th Century Probably Bahtiyar area Untouched One Size 66 x 140 Cm
price:  On Request
Kilim ?? 2 pice mint condishen size:195x128-cm 243x195-cm 2 piece good price ask
price:  Ask
Absolutely Fabulous Chinese flat woven kilim. 145 cms x 203cms.
price:  £950
Fethiye / Antalya Vasak Kelim 407.152cm very good condition.
price:  Por
Shirvan kilim, Late 19th c. 5' x 10'2" all natural dyes and in excellent condition.
price:  $490 and shipping
Central Anatolia - tribal turkmen kilim from Taurus Mountains. good condition/. very minor small repair with good colors. Size: 116" x 59" ... read more
price:  O.R.
Anatolian Handmade Perde, Pure wool Natural dyes . 360 x 160 cm . link
Western Turkey Yuncu tribal kilim with pile bands. small repairs in between piles. Fairly in good condition. size: 79" x 60" - ... read more
price:  O.R.
a Beauty Besserabian Kilim It's in good condition and untocuhed one.Size 180 x 265 cm
price:  On Request
Unusual Design Belüch Rug Circa 1880s.It's In Perfect Condition And As Found It.Complately Original And Untouched One.The rug has wonderful silky wool.It ... read more
price:  Sold Thanks
Early 19th Century Unusual Central Anatolian Kilim Fragment Size 57 x 191 Cm
price:  On Request
Anatolian - Siirt goat hair kilim & blanket. Size: 49" x 69" - 124 cm x 176 cm.
price:  P.O.R.
18th Century Central Anatolian Kilim Fragment size 65x117 cm mounted on linen
price:  on Request
Circa 1800's Unusual Persian Kilim Fragment It Has Perfect Colors And Design.Size 150 x 160 Cm
price:  On Request
Antique art nouveau Krakow Polish Arras Wallhanging Kilim unique piece with papercut design materials wool on lienen size 242 cm x ... read more
price:  $6000
Early 19th Centur East Anatolian Sivas Kilim One Part Size.380x85cm
price:  Por
Central Anatolian Konya Obruk Kilim Size.420x95cm
price:  Por
The Fragment. Reyhanli kilim medallion fragment. Eastern Anatolia. Cm 60x55 ca. Mid/second half 19th century...1840/1860sh?! Great pattern, great graphic, great colors, great ... read more
price:  sold tks
Turkmen - Yomud Kilim, recycled from tent bend fragments. Saturated colors. Circa 1900 or earlier, size : 55" x 38.5" - ... read more
price:  O.R.
Antique Dagistan Kilim Size 113x298 cm / 3'7'' x 9'8''
price:  On Request
Anatolian Kilim (fragment), central Anatolia, 18th c., 2'11" x 7'3" The field pattern seen in this kilim lies at the source of the ... read more
Early 19th Century Central Anatolin Sivrihisar Small Kilim Very Beautiful Colors Size.175x100Cm
price:  Por
An Antique Caucasian Verneh Original and Perfect Piece size:300x175
price:  Ask Please
Antique Wonderful Caucasian Verneh Rug, Karabakh flatwave. 19th century. Beautiful natural colours, weave and embroidery, drawing, figures. Cotton on cotton. Great condition. ... read more
price:  POR
Anatolian Kurdish Perde, 307 x 116 cm. link
a genuine antique Caucasian kuba Soumak/Sumac. Is in excellent condition, measures 5'-6" x 8'.
price:  3499
Kilim - the complete guide. Hull and Luczyc-Wyhowska. 332 pp., paperback new in shrink wrap. a good comprehensive kilim treatise.
price:  $25 + shipping
Anatolia Hadandağı saf kilm size=262x164
price:  ASK
Eastern Turkey Kurdish palas - warp faced woven panel kilim. saturated natural colors. a tiny size of a dime hole retored. Circa ... read more
price:  O.R.
Folks who are looking for an antique thin rug with a worn out look, the Soumak that i am offering here could ... read more
price:  999
Mid Century or earlier Anatolian kilim with some texture 156 x 361 cm / 5'1'' x 11'10''
price:  On Request
Anatolian Kilim one part in good condition .323 x 73 cm . link
Antique Persian Sine Kilim Size.180x128cm
price:  Por
Uzbek Kilim 182x318 cm
price:  por
South Persian Kilim Fragment 102 x 105 cm / 40 x 41 inches
price:  On Request
Anatolian Yuncu Kilim 19th Century Size 120x141 cm / 4'0'' x 4'7''
price:  On Request
Turkish Karakuzulu Kilim 1,15*1,57
price:  por
Persian Saveh Kilim, early 20th century, 3-3 x 13-4 (.99 x 4.06), very good condition, closed dovetail tapestry weave, strong and tight, ... read more
price:  $500.00
100/29 Malatya Kelim,Perfect condition, (3.74x1.79m)Very fine weaved.
price:  € 2000.-
139x200cm antique Bergammon cicim kilim rug very good condition
price:  ask for price
Old antique Anatolian kilim size is 227cmx108cm on sale
Azerbaijan, Iran - Shahsevan kilim. traditional designs and natural colors. Great condition. Circa 1900. Size: 56" x 86"- 142 cm x 219 ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Antique Anatolian Kelim size: 300x80
price:  Ask Please
130×200cm,well detailed vivid color kilim rug
price:  Ask for price
Beautiful Old Persian Kelim Sofreh. measures 43 inches by 44 inches. For a good article on these sofreh weavings see: Alberto Boralevi ... read more
price:  $400 plus shipping
Fantastic rare Baku Zili in very good condition showing handsome stylised peacocks. 1.90m x 1.30m (6' 3" x 4' 3").
price:  On Request
18th Century Anatolian Kilim One Part Size.283x67cm
price:  Por
Iran Shahsavan Jajaim kilim. Circa late 19th - size 82" x 67" - 208 cm x 168 cm.
price:  O.R.
4by6 feet pure wool Soumag Kilim rug(120×200cm)
price:  Ask for price
Antique Persian Kurdısh Kilim Size.240x146cm
price:  Por
Qashkai large tribal antique kilim with natural colors and great condition. Size: 98" x 58" -- 248 cm x 148 cm
price:  O.R.
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