Bob Maurer

  • Old Chinese square - about 35" x 33".
    price:  $145/best offer + ship

  • Yomut Asmalyk - about 3.11 x 2.2 nice condition except for a few scattered moth bites.

  • Tekke - as found condition. interesting border and skirt embellishments for its type. about 4'1" x 5'11" having wear, small patches, ends/sides ... read more

  • Karadja -about 7'4" x 10'7". Nice color and drawing. Scattered wear throughout and slight mothing one corner (see picture) ... read more

  • Baluch - about 31" x 56". Camel field and colorful. evenly worn. $350 usd or best offer + ship
    price:  $350 USD or best offer + ship

  • About 7'4" x 3'6". Beautiful color, crisp drawing and nice weave. Even wear with some scattered crude old repairs and ... read more
    price:  Sold. Thank you.

  • Shahsavan soumak end panel - about 13" x 22" repair to center. $145/best offer + shipping
    price:  $145/best offer + ship

  • Anatolian yastik - about 20" x 38". As found condition with scattered mothing and slight wear. Bold color. $95 ... read more
    price:  $95 or best offer & shipping

  • Yoruk - about 5'8" x 3'7" in as found condition with moth damage and scattered holes.

  • Kilim - about 32 inches by 148 inches. As found condition. Beautiful color and design with scattered holes in upper third.

  • Kilim - about 46" x 68", nice soft yellow field. Some black oxidation and slits, also old repaired slit about 6" ... read more

  • Jaf Kurd - about 22" x 30" having even wear and no repairs.
    price:  $185 USD/best offer

  • Jaf Kurd - about 24" x 28", nice color, wool and weave. Good pile with some brown oxidation, and old, crude ... read more
    price:  SOLD. Thank you!

  • asmalyk fragment - 22" x 46" repairs throughout, supple and floppy handle, good color. Nice example $250USD/best offer.
    price:  $250USD/best offer

  • chanteh - squarish size measuring 10" x 11" and having cool winged birds in each quadrant. Has what looks like ink ... read more
    price:  $100/best offer + ship

  • Yomud chuval - about 30" x 52". Complete bag with backing stitched to pile. backing has old repaired corner.

  • Baluch prayer rug - about 37" x 54" as found. Complete with meaty pile, floppy handle, nice kilim bands, scattered moth ... read more
    price:  $245/best offer + ship

  • Anatolian yastik - about 32" x 19". couple moth bites upper end and minor wear in medallion. Otherwise meaty pile.

  • Old Heriz - about 7.4 x 10.2. Incredible ivory ground with great color saturation but not without central wear, and tattered side ... read more
    price:  SOLD. Thank you!

  • Beautiful fragment - about 3ft square and wrapped on all sides. Looks to be wool foundation, good pile with nice sheen to ... read more
    price:  on hold

  • measuring about 3'4" x 5' even pile with a a few scattered moth bites, and some isolated breaks in side selvedge. Floppy ... read more
    price:  SOLD. Thank you!

  • Afshar - about 4'10" x 6'9". Beautiful color and nicely executed 'beatle' medallion and corner spandrels, but not without some scattered central ... read more
    price:  SOLD. Thank you!

  • Yastik - about 21" x 31". Wrecked but still a nice example.

  • About 14" x 21" as found with decent pile, scattered moth nibbles. Ends overcast.

  • Leshgi star rug - about 6'9" x 4'. Nicely executed drawing and color. Areas of wear with some old repiling ... read more
    price:  SOLD. Thank you!

  • Shahsavan soumak bagface fragment - about 19" x 22". 'as found' condition. floppy handle, wonderful design and color. unravelling ends/sides and ... read more
    price:  SOLD. Thank you!

  • Kurdish? - about 4.6 x 7.8, beautiful blues and greens, bold palettes, meaty pile, original ends/sides. some scattered moth. $465/ best offer
    price:  $465/best offer

  • possibly two end panels sewn together - about 45" x 38". Beautiful color and bold design. old patch.

  • baluch bagface - about 25" x 22" having silk highlights. some wear and oxidation

  • shahsavan soumak side panel - about 42" x 19". Great color. Fine weave. Some scattered small repairs. $290/Best Offer
    price:  $290/best offer

  • Baluch - about 31" x 54". Wonderful color and spacious archaic drawing but not without oxidation and wear.
    price:  SOLD. Thank you!

  • Kayak - about 35" x 38". Variant 'shield' design. Great size. Lots of wear, oxidation and scattered small holes. $115/best offer.
    price:  $115/best offer

  • Yastik - about 19" x 26". As found, even wear, ends unravelling. Beautiful color and format. Would benefit from wash.

  • Baluch bagface - about 30" x 30". Interesting animal procession, nice wool, and crisp drawing. Suffers from too many years ... read more
    price:  Anything reasonable.

  • Qash'qai bagface - about 22" × 22". Nice weave, red weft, good pile, original, combination synthetic and natural dyes, no bleeding, crisp
    price:  SOLD. Thank you!

  • Karadja mat - about 21" x 23". Unusual format. Beautiful saturated colors. Good pile. Ends/sides unravelling.
    price:  Sold. Thank you.

  • Approximately 23" x 39" as found with a 2.5 x 3 inch old patch repair in border upper left. Would benefit ... read more
    price:  SOLD. Thank you.

  • Chinese - about 6'11" x 4'1". Beautiful drawing and color, even wear, few moth nicks one end

  • sumak bagface - about 26" x 24". small one inch old repair in center and a few inches of some spot ... read more

  • end panel measuring about 21" x 21". Floppy handle.
    price:  SOLD. Thank you!

  • tent/ceremonial band? - approximately 5" x 194" of which 21" in the center is not decorated and worn. Some tassels missing from ... read more

  • Tekke wedding rug - approximately 48" x 41", great proportions, even wear, couple scattered moth nibbles, interesting skirt embellishments.
    price:  SOLD. Thank you!

  • sw Persian qash'qai bagface - almost square 21" x 22". Nice condition with good pile and wool quality with small traces ... read more
    price:  SOLD. Thank you!

  • karagashli - about 5'3" x 3'2". distressed but beautifully executed, nice weave, color and floppy handle.

  • approximately 19" x 48" scattered small holes, old repairs and patches. remnants of barberpole band added to each end. natural ... read more
    price:  SOLD. Thank you!

  • Baluch prayer rug - about 2'11" x 4'5" good even pile. Nice color including blue green.
    price:  SOLD. Thank you!

  • Bergama - 5'7" x 5'5" Pretty much complete but with excessive wear; particularly in center.

  • jaff bagface - nice meaty pile, crisp drawing, good weave. $285/bo
    price:  $285/bo