michael hawes

Michael Hawes is one of the U.K's most active dealers in antique rugs,carpets and textiles.Dealing mainly with the trade and collectors he provides a constant variety of freshly sourced items.

  • a lovely antique sarab rug with great colours. In used condition and a bit shaped but a beautiful early example,270x100,
    price:  £350

  • a charming Marasali shirvan rug mid 19th century. Small size approx 5ft x 3ft9. This rug is in used conditon. There are some ... read more
    price:  $850

  • Kurdish runner fragment missing one end and reduced at the other with lovely colours and dedign
    price:  $550

  • a Fine Antique Beluch rug. Just found , needs a clean. In pile and original condiiton, some selvage loss on the right ... read more
    price:  $450

  • a Scandinavian Rya rug c1950 very graphic in perfect condiiotn 2m x 136 cm .
    price:  $500

  • An Interesting Antique Sweedish flatweave. Nice colours very attractive 180 x 140. There are various old small repairs that one can see in ... read more
    price:  $300

  • a Fine mid 19th century karagashli of unusual rug size 180 x 115, old repairs some damage and backed but nice early colours.
    price:  $650

  • a fine antique karagashli rug selvage rebound missing original selvage some wear on end medallions and some slight damage in same area ... read more
    price:  Poa

  • An interesting French art deco carpet 7ft x 7ft circular in reasonable condition one small area of colour run otherwise good pile.
    price:  reasonable

  • Old Sarouk Mahal carpet first half 20th century all natural dyes mint condition 325 x 210.
    price:  £1250

  • Fine antique Senneh, low in pile , very decorative sides not original old hanging rings, very fine needs a clean, very chic. ... read more
    price:  £650

  • a very graphic old Atkilla flatweave in good condition a few minor areas of wear but generally very good. 14ft3 x 4ft2.Complete ... read more
    price:  £580

  • a funky early 20th century Turkish kilim, very graphic design, some old repairs approx. 5ft6 x 3ft6
    price:  £180

  • early 19th century Anatolian kilim in two parts. Some holes but repairable. Good early colours. 12ft x 4ft4 .
    price:  £450

  • a small pair of Antique Chanteh Bags . Plain white on the back, complete made into miniature cushions.
    price:  £150

  • An Antique Giordes rug late 19th century , backed and ready to hang. Approx 4ft8 x 3ft8,
    price:  £450

  • An Antique Yomut Ensie, some damage but mainly in pile will clean well very dirty nice colours. 4ft8 x 4ft approx., price not ... read more
    price:  £350

  • Dated Leshgi antique rug. Needs some repair, dated 1307 so approx. 1890. 4ft 4 x 3ft8 a very attractive antique rug.
    price:  £450

  • a charming Antique Baktiari fragment with great animals would mount well as two panels. 3ft3 x 3ft2,needs a clean
    price:  £150

  • An antique belouch rug nice colours even corrosion and a few other issues as seen but a very pretty antique rug will ... read more
    price:  £300

  • a very crisp good condition 19th century Indian shawl embroidered in silk on cashmere, signed , a few small moth holes in ... read more
    price:  £280

  • An antique Chinese rug 6ft11 x 4ft1, some wear and a surface stain as shown, nice design and pattern. Price does not include
    price:  £250

  • Antique Turkish prayer rug green ground, 145x 115 cm, damage and old repairs, good colours .
    price:  £300

  • a great coloured south Caucasian long rug 19th century all good colour including cochineal. Approx 10ftx3ft6. Some corrosion bud good pile. Wonderful ... read more
    price:  ask

  • a good 19th century Tekke ensie. Lovely ground colour some traces of a cochineal or lac colour, generally good condition except some ... read more
    price:  POR

  • a very unusual beautiful very old Chinese rug worn with hole as seen approx. 7ft x 5ft
    price:  £300

  • a good 19th century shirvan prayer rug in original condition needs a clean light wear and a few small holes but with ... read more
    price:  Please ask

  • a charming fine antique afshar Pouchti 93 x 100 cm, even wear and splits to ends sides not original, good colours and graphics ... read more
    price:  £450

  • a charming small sized antique belouch prayer rug 108 x 76 cm light wear no holes also is very dusty and will ... read more
    price:  sold

  • An antique Slavic Kilim, very well made with a stunning design. This beautiful flatweave seems to be a generation earlier than others ... read more
    price:  POA

  • An antique tekke wedding rug, 4ft6 x 3ft6 good colours and interesting design, very slightly worn ,new find will clean well,much nicer ... read more
    price:  £350

  • An attractive antique Beluch rug c1900, camel ground with piled ends. Lightly worn with some corrosion, could benefit from a ligth clean. ... read more
    price:  £280

  • a very beautiful but badly damaged caucasian rug mid 19th. Approx 9ft x 3ft6. great colours and design in pile but with ... read more
    price:  sold

  • a 19th century yellow ground shirvan rug in good original condiiton, 6ft4 x 4ft. original end finish original sides minor fraying to ... read more
    price:  POA

  • An unusual Antique Turkoman main carpet. Size 11ft 4 x 6ft9. Unusual border design. Not in the best condition wear to one ... read more
    price:  £450

  • a good late 19th century Yomut carpet approx 9ft6 x 5ft6. Generally sound condition, some low area to the centre and damage ... read more
    price:  sold

  • a lovely mid 19th century Tekke Ensie. Very soft wool , a great hanging piece cleaned and velvety in feel. Looks better ... read more
    price:  £350

  • An exceptionally fine mid or early 19thcentury Yomut small carpet.Approx 9ft x 5ft. i have just found this rug in an english ... read more
    price:  Sold Thanks

  • a very beautiful mid or early 19th century nw persian ?kurdish runner. Approx 15ft x 3ft. i think it's missing an outer ... read more
    price:  sold

  • Antique Timuri baluch. Just found . This rug is approx 5ft6 x 4ft quite square. It is evenly low quite a lot ... read more
    price:  Sold many thanks

  • An unusual 19th century Caucasian rug 135 x 85, in pile but with areas of wear and sides overbound, may be missing ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • An antique late 19th century yellow ground Daghestan rug. 8ft3 x 3ft10. Very good original condition with original sides and end finishes ... read more
    price:  POA

  • a Striking 19th century Tashkent Susani with great colours including a good aubergine.Fine quality , Good condition a few very minor flaws ... read more
    price:  Sold

  • Antique qashgai kilim, approx 8ft x 5ft6. generally in reasonable conditon a few old repairs and minor stains. Fresh from a country ... read more
    price:  sold

  • Antique Beluch rug c1900. 7ft x 3ft6 . This old Beluch is in need of a deep clean, there is good shiny ... read more
    price:  sold

  • a fine antique Kazak, fine red wefted c1860. Ends have some of the original kilim but the sides have lost the original ... read more
    price:  sold

  • Antique Kurdush rug, Lovely colour and wacky design. Just bought. Unfortunately this piece is in bad condition with holes etc , there ... read more
    price:  sold

  • a beautiful Antique Turkish rug approx 6x 4 ft or a little larger. Just bought. Dirty and some wear with some damage ... read more
    price:  sold