Nomad Mask


  • Ushak / Oushak main carpet. Interesting design/layout. In decent overall condition for the age- with some wear/thin spots and end ... read more
    price:  POR

  • Lavar Kerman with very pleasing color palette and design. Beautiful piece. Circa 1920's. Good overall condition with a couple of ... read more
    price:  POR

  • Antique Zakatala Caucasian / Kazak small rug. Wear, oxidation, floccy wool, beautiful colors with a simple design. 3'1" x 2'7". ... read more
    price:  POR

  • persian bagface. nice older piece in good condition, generally good overall pile with silky wool. a couple of very small/minor ... read more
    price:  $225 PLUS SHIP