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  • Qarabagh End Panel, circa 1880, size 17" x 17", very fine weave, all natural dyes are clear and strong, white is natural ... read more

  • Turkmen-Baluch prayer rug, ne Persia/NW Afghanistan, size 54" x 41" (137 x 104 cm), circa 1850 - 1880, it appears this unusual ... read more

  • Luri (Lori) bag face, 28" x 28" (72 x 71 cm), a kaleidoscope of brilliant color brings life to the simple floral ... read more

  • Baluch Rug - This example is a member of a small subset of symmetrically knotted weavings commonly called Aimaq-Baluch or Bahluli-Baluch. There ... read more
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  • Shahsavan Bedding Bag Panel (Moghan-Savalan), ne Azarbayjan, 40" x 21" (101 x 53 cm), circa 1850 or earlier, the central panel is ... read more

  • Central Anatolian kilim fragment, 54" x 125" (137 x 317 cm), circa 1875, presents a simple yet bold composition that is capable ... read more

  • Shahsavan (Moghan-Savalan)Panel, circa 1880, 39" x 20" (99 x 50 cm), identifying the purpose for which this weaving was intended is problematic, ... read more
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  • Kurdish-Karabagh Rug (Persian or Caucasian). The Karabagh designation is a general one relating to a region not a village or specific ethnic ... read more
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  • Early Anatolian kilim fragment, West-Central Turkey, circa 1850, washed and professionally mounted, 35" x 94", brilliant, all natural dyes, surviving portion is ... read more

  • Anatolian kilim (plain weave), (37" x 118"), (93.9 x 299.7 cm), circa 1850, excellent condition with all natural dyes, an attribution to ... read more

  • An extremely rare field design on a rug in the 'Baluch'-style. These rugs have been called Mushwani, Kurd-Baluch, Bahluri and Aimaq. The ... read more
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  • Central Anatolian Rug, Konya-Cappadocia region, 44" x 58", 111 x 147 cm, the border design is described as being 'quite rare', a ... read more

  • Afshar rug with manifest Turkmen design influences, unusual field composition with folk-art milieu, 33" x 53" (83 x 134 cm), all ... read more

  • Extremely fine Qashqa'i bag face, wonderful colors, excellent design execution with careful attention to detail, loss of pile on all four sides ... read more
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