• Cotton Odhani SIZE:76”x 60” age: 65 years old approx. FROM: Gujarat NOTE: Bandhej with zari border never used - some strings still intact. Three panels of ... read more
    price:  $200.00

  • Banarasi Zari Chokora SIZE: 34" x 39" age: 90 years old approx. FROM: Banarasi note: Beautifully woven silk with rows of birds and elephants. Green ... read more
    price:  $375.00

  • Kashmiri Shawl SIZE: 75" x 60" age: late 19th century approx. FROM: Kashmir NOTE: a primitive Kashmiri shawl, probably made for local use. The ground fabric ... read more
    price:  $1,400.00

  • Red Wool Shawl with Gold Tilla Embroidery size: 47" x 96" age: 80 years old approx. FROM: Kashmir NOTE: This scarlet Kashmiri shawl features for ... read more
    price:  $625.00

  • Jaisalmer Shawl SIZE: 100” x 53” age: 40-50 years old approx. from: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan NOTE: a beautifully woven wool shawl detailed with intricate embroidery work. ... read more
    price:  $500.00

  • Jajam SIZE: 61" x 50" age: 100 years old approx. FROM: Gujarat NOTE: a small size traditional cotton Jajam from Gujarat block printed with traditional colors ... read more
    price:  $250.00

  • Cream Kashmiri Silk and Wool Shawl SIZE: 100" x 48" age: 50-60 years old approx. From: Kashmir NOTE: Although some of the silk embroidery has rubbed ... read more
    price:  $450.00

  • Wool Chogha (Robe or Coat) SIZE: 48” long; 59” from cuff to cuff; 50” circumference at the hips (similar to a man’s large) AGE: ... read more
    price:  $750.00

  • Khola (Razai Cover) SIZE: 52” x 96” age: 80 years old approx. FROM: Jodhpur, Rajasthan (Probably made) NOTE: Probably block printed in Jaipur with traditional colors ... read more
    price:  $270.00

  • Dharaniyo (Cover for a stack of quilts) SIZE: 42” x 33” age: 60-80 years old approx. FROM: Gujarat NOTE: Detailed embroidery and mirror work highlight this ... read more
    price:  $325.00

  • Mashru Chokora SIZE: 119" x 46" age: 100+ years old approx. From: Rajasthan Mashru (silk and cotton lampas weave) square with mashru border and cotton multi-colored ... read more
    price:  $250.00

  • size: 66" x 72" age: 60-70 years old approx. From: Gujarat Wool Black Bandhej with Scorpion design colored tassels and embroidery over the center seam. ... read more
    price:  $300.00

  • Bikaner Jail Dhurrie SIZE: 47" x 82" age: 70-80 years old approx. From: Bikaner, Rajasthan Indigo Bikaner Jail Dhurrie tightly woven. a beautiful example of the ... read more
    price:  $450.00