Kilims and Flatweaves

Anatolian Mut Kilim Size 114x283 cm
price:  please ask
Karakecili Kilim, needs washing...Size 210x150 cm...
price:  700 euro
Antique Adana Kilim with wonderful calours
price:  please ask
Norwegian kilim, size: 50*34 cm, wall hanging
price:  310€ + shipping
Caucasian Antique Sumak with Red Field , 19th Century 252 × 121 cm (8' 3" × 3' 11")
price:  POR
Antique Sumak 8-6x9-6. Great condition no repair.
price:  Por
Beautiful Multi-Color Antique Turkish Anatolian Kilim, 1920-1950, 450 × 165 cm (14' 9" × 5' 4")
price:  POR
Anatolian Kilim
price:  $400 +shipping
Shahsavan Sumak Bagface
price:  $450 + shipping
Sharkoy Kelim Late 19th Century size 160x103
price:  On Request
Very early Anatolian kilim. i believe this piece predates the 18th century. Early colors and weave. It's pretty much all ... read more
price:  INQUIRE
Swedish kilim, size: 63*49 cm
price:  510€ + shipping
Anatolian Hotamıs Kilim Fragment
price:  $650 +shipping
Early Anatolian Kilim Fragment with rare design. Ex Cassin
price:  POR
Amazing Antique Persian Kilim Varamin, ca. 1880 266 × 123 cm (8' 8" × 4' 0")
price:  POR
berber kilim -- horse blanket Which is old, mellowed and has a lustrous sheen on all the shades of wools used in ... read more
price:  euros 625.
18th c. central Anatolian kilim fragment. Professionally conserved and mounted on linen. Bold drawing and best color! Full panel width.
Small 18th c. Central Anatolian kilim fragment.
Anatolian Kilim Fragment
price:  $350+ shipping
Eastern Anatolia Malatya wedding kilim strip. Size is cm 88x372. Datable end 19th/early20th c. In mint condition. Great, natural colors. Lots of
price:  pls inquire
Swedish röllakan kilim, size: 42*31 cm
price:  280€ + shipping
East Anatolia Kurdish sumak bag face with angora tufts, size 20 " x 19 "- 51 cm x 49 cm
price:  O.R
An old Albanian kilim, measuring about 3x 2m. Woven at the beginning of the 20th century.
price:  Ask
Kilim with a Serbian crown, bordered by an old Serbian flag. Woven early 20th century. Price: Ask
price:  Ask
a Mid Century Scandinavian Kelim ! Size 90x90 cm In excellent condition.
price:  Pls ask
Swedish rollokan cushion kilim, size: 50*47cm
price:  410€ + shipping
Kuba kilim, late 19th century, 5' x 11'
price:  POR
Soumak technique double bags - about 9” x 25”. As found but still intact
Antique Antep/Adana Reyhanli Kilim ~ 1880 85x365cm
price:  260 Euro
Antique anatolian Kilim fragment (probably Konya / Kappadocia area). 1880 88x243cm
price:  140 Euro
Antique Aydinli/Karakecili Kilim fragment,.1890 90x165cm
price:  Sold Thanks
beautiful antique Turkish kelim fragment with sea green ground size 140 x 80 cm probably Erzurum loosely mounted amazing colours fresh from ... read more
price:  Ask
Old, rare and large Ushak kilim (384 cm. x 355 cm.) at bargain price! Some old repairs, backed with a fabric, very stable ... read more
price:  450€ + ship
Two old Anatolian paths, woven with wool dyed with natural colors.
price:  Ask
West Anatolian Yüncü Chuval Kilim
price:  $400+shiping
Qashqaii Kilim Sofra
price:  $400 +Shipping
Baluch - about 3.1 x 5.10 as found condition. Wear,oxidation, scattered moth. Few silk knots. Remnants of kilim ends
Swedish röllakan kilim, size: 55*53cm
price:  410€ + shipping
Rare and beautiful fragment of an Avar caucasian kilim (224 cm. x 135 cm.) Interesting archaic positive/negative design. Condition as shown, some scattered repairs, ... read more
Transcaucasus shahsavan sumak bag face.. several corroded brown repairs and few tiny spot wears.. Overall, it is in great condition with natural ... read more
price:  O.R
Kuba Kilim 3.18m x 1.88m (10'4" 6'2"). Very fine and in excellent condition.
Romania or Balkan apron kilim, size: 62*37cm
price:  1110€ + shipping
Baluch Kilim Sofra
price:  $400 + shipping
Baluch Kilim Sofra
price:  $800+ shipping
balkan kelim 104x165 cm
price:  100 Euro+shp
Late 19th Century Bessarabian Kilim in excellent condition size 195x295 cm
price:  On Request
Antique rare nomadic Konya Kilim from central anatolia ~ 1850 Naturel dyes 355x70cm
price:  Sold Thanks
North East Anatolian Sebinkarahisar Prayer kilim dating to the 1850'ies. The kilim is in a great condition with a few small old ... read more
price:  POR
Late 18th c. Anatolian Dazkiri rug fragment. Areas of good pile. Original sides and end kilim. Crazy color! No repairs.
price:  SOLD > Thanks!
Swedish röllakan kilim, size: 45*39 cm
price:  210€
Anatolian Kilim Freagment
price:  $550 + shipping
Azerbaijan, north of Baku, village of Khizy or Xixi. Sometimes such pieces are called Shirwan or simply Baku. This is a sumakh ... read more
price:  pls inquire
19th Century Central Anatolian Prayer Konya Kilim Size 120 x 184 cm It's in very good condition and all original untouched piece.
price:  On Request
Qashkai kilim size 96" x 55" - 245 cm x 140 cm
price:  O.R
Qashkai ceremonial saddle cover. Woven with pile designs over warpfaced Jajim cotton background, small reapir on ivory background, overall great condition, saturated ... read more
price:  O.R
Qashqa'i runner kilim, late 19th to early 20th century. All or mostly natural dyes. Wool tufts along the edges suggesting ... read more
price:  POR
very interesting antique Shasavan bagface mixed technique kelim and sumac work. Ca 1880. Soft natural dyes all wool £250 only
price:  £250 + post
Sarköy Kilim Size.110x66cm
price:  $800 + shipping
#5739 Antique Shirvan Kilim Rug Size: 4’10” x 9’0″ Age: Circa 1870
price:  $1000
Antique Shirvan Kilim Rug 2’9” x 3’4” #8031 Age: end of the 19th century
price:  $300
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