Asian Art

Dramatically Tibetan Buddhist Hand Painted Wood Panel depicting symbols of Tibetan mythology such as Tigers Dragons and Lamas From Tibet. C.1875-1900. Its size is 56cmX81cm
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Antique bamboo lime boxes elaborately covered with many traditional patterns. Timor, Indonesia. 20 cm and 14 cm.
price:  $ 300
Opium balance with its case, wood, bone, bronze. China, 19th century. 41,5 cm.
price:  $ 300
Mask, Nepal. 25 cm.
price:  $900
Sculpture of a Nat, Burma The cult of the nats is one of the important religious currents in Burma. Pre-dating Buddhism, but also having developed ... read more
price:  on request
Tau-Tau funeral effigy's head, Toraja culture, Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. 45 cm high.
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Three amulets from Borneo, worn on necklaces for protection. Dayak culture, 10 cm, 11 cm and 11.5 cm.
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Small Indonesian mask of a beautiful expressiveness, Dayak culture (Borneo island) or Batak culture (Sumatra). Light wood, 18 cm. Available with a small painted steel base. First ... read more
price:  $ 550
Bronze of Nandi, vehicle of the god Shiva. Brass. 19th century 10 cm high 9 cm long
price:  $ 300
Basketry hood from the Philippines. Ifugao, Bontoc or Igorot culture. 40 cm high 28 cm wide
price:  $ 380
Wooden handle of a shaman's drum, Subba (Limbu) culture, Kirant cultural area, eastern Nepal. 37 cm Offered with base.
price:  $ 280
An ancient bronce statue from China with about 30 cm.
price:  Por
Late Edo/early Meiji period four leaf byobu screen featuring a particularly striking design of water birds and foliage along a stream. 168cm x ... read more
price:  £8500
Bang Chaing Vessel / Bowl, black, Bronze Age, ca. 1st - 2nd Millenium bce; 5”/ 12.7 cm height; Purchased from a Legitimate ... read more
price:  1500.00
Bang Chaing Vessel, ca. 1st Millennium bce, Bronze Age; height: 6 3/4” / 17.1 cm; Opening diameter: 5 1/2” / 14 cm.; maximum ... read more
price:  300.00
Japanese tea leaf storage jar for use in tea ceremony rituals, ash glazed stoneware, Shigaraki kilns, Momoyama period ( 1568-1600 ad ) ... read more
price:  POR
Asian art. Elaborately decorated museum quality gilded brass Newari oil lamp known as a Sukunda, hand crafted by an exceptionally gifted artisan ... read more
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i am selling my collection of early ethnographic, archeological and historical material which i have acquired over 50 years. Please contact me ... read more
price:  on request
Mask of Rakshasa, eastern Nepal. The Rakshasas are demons hostile to humans, they have the power to transform into various forms but are ... read more
price:  $1200
Antique domestic wooden altar for deiteis, Rajasthan, Northwest India. Probably from Rajput culture, 19th century. The lighter board at the bottom of ... read more
price:  $400
This beautifully hand carved wooden mask with a dynamic presence is from Tibet and is meant to depict the diety Mahakala, a ... read more
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Mask depicting the deity Mahakala, wood, Nepal or Tibet, 12 inches high, 19th c., or possibly earlier. The abstract treatment of the ... read more
price:  POR
skull form mask (citipati) , Tibet/Nepal, 8 inches high, 19th/20th c., Citipati masks depict a form/aspect of the diety Mahakala and are ... read more
price:  POR
Chinese Guanyin figure, around 1700. Wood, traces of lacquer. This figure still has individual features, distinguishing older examples. Beautiful and serene. Size ... read more
price:  SOLD
Collection of four vintage/antique cloth printing blocks from Tamil Nadu, all in excellent condition, acquired in India 30 years ago. Large one: ... read more
price:  $220.USD
Miniature Painting of Mangala Darshan of Shrinathji  with Lahariya Design. From The Nathdwara of Rajasthan. India. Mangala Darshan  is the First darshan of the day. Lord, ... read more
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China plate 20x20cm
price:  Por
Three vintage heavy hardwood (possibly teak) Khmer loom heddles. These would make ideal textile hangers. i bought them about 20 year ago ... read more
price:  sold
Tribal Indian Silver Pendant of Ramapir From Kutch Gujarat India.India. c.1900(20200624_162342).
price:  On Request
Rare Complete Burmese (Myanmarese) Buddhist Manuscript with older Burmese script dated 1874 - More photos & details here:
price:  POR
Japanese Antique Bamboo Flower Basket Japanese antique bamboo flower basket, cylindrical shaped with open weave with a criss cross design. Body open to ... read more
price:  275.00
Collection of five ancient silver jitals from the Hindu, Spalapati Kingdom in what is now Kabul, Afghanistan- circa 700-1000ce. Very nice mounted ... read more
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China ceramic,about 1920ad or 1930ad.
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Tribal Indian Silver Pendant of Hanuman, From Kutch Gujarat India.India.C.1900 (20200109_151204).
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16th c Hindu Icon 'Nandi' - this wonderful piece, formerly a finial on a temple bell, is 'Nandi', or ... read more
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Silver eyes, China or India. 1.25" (3.2 cm) wide each, 2.75" (7 cm) high, as based Late 19th to early 20th century. Ex. ... read more
price:  SOLD
18th c Hindu icon 'ganesh'; bronze; 1 3/4"h or 4.4cm 'Ganesh' is the Hindu 'god of beginnings', 'remover of obstacles', ... read more
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Tibetan yak butter tea “po cha” or barley beer “chang” bowl carved from burlwood, possibly Rhododendron circa 50 to 100 years old. ... read more
price:  $120.USD
17th c Hindu 'Balakrishna', bronze, 4"h x 2"w. Museum quality but for a break in the fingers of the ... read more
price:  Please ask
Tang bronze ,probably armour to be sewn to a padded jacket, along with other comparative pieces and textiles of the same period
price:  500us
Old Vintage God Ganesha Statue, Ethnic Statue, Handicraft Statue, Art Deco. ITEM DESCRIPTION Old Vintage God Ganesha Statue Wooden Handcrafted Statue Sitting with four ... read more
price:  250 USD
Old Vintage God Ganesha Statue, Ethnic Statue, Handicraft Statue, Art Deco. ITEM DESCRIPTION Old Vintage God Ganesha Statue Wooden Handcrafted Statue Sitting with four ... read more
price:  135 USD
Old Vintage Antique Naga Statue, Tribal Statue, Handicraft Statue, Art Deco. ITEM DESCRIPTION Old Vintage Antique Naga Statue of Monkey, Wooden Handcrafted Statue Collectible ... read more
price:  120 USD
Antique Chinese Export Canopy Bed
price:  Sold
Terracotta figurine of a Soghdian Central Asia, Samarkand, 6th–7th century H. 10.3 cm; w. 4.8 cm Published: Arts from the Land of Timur. An Exhibition ... read more
price:  POA
Old Tibetan painting removed from the wooden panel of a damaged cabinet, distemper on cloth, circa 32 by 32 cm: a mandala ... read more
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Antique Chinese Jumu Coffer Cabinet Chinese Jumu hardwood coffer cabinet. a coffer is a strong chest or box used for keeping money or ... read more
price:  3250.00
Japanese sculpture antique, collectors item in perfect condition.
price:  On request
Japanese sculpture antique, from Koro Meiji period, collectors item in perfect condition.
price:  On request
Antique Chinese Peking Glass Powder Blue Bowl
price:  850.00
Rare Japanese Antique Keyaki Karuma Tansu
price:  POR
Iron jeweler's torch, Karnataka, South India, 7" (17.7 cm) high, late 19th to early 20th century. These torches often took avian form ... read more
price:  On request
Incredible 18th Century Japanese Screen - View From the Garden A truly stunning Japanese six panel screen hand painted with raised rimpa paint ... read more
price:  POR
Lanna Thai Buddhist Thread Skein Quirky “Sai Sin” thread holder. Sai Sin chord is a type of religious blessing conferred on one usually ... read more
price:  $80.USD
Antique Thai Seated Gilt Bronze Buddha Gilt bronze Buddha seated with serene expression. Intricate metal granulation on drapery and throne. Details of red ... read more
price:  800.00
Antique Tibetan Dzi Bead The mystical Dzi beads are implements of ancient Tibetan and other Asian cultures for several hundreds of thousands of ... read more
price:  1200.00
Antique Thai Chofa Temple Roof Adornment Unusual Thai architectural sculpture known as a chofa. These beast-like ornaments embellish temple and palace rooftops as ... read more
Unusually Large Japanese Bronze Temple Bell A large, heavy Japanese bronze temple bell or bonsho, with a handle of dragon heads called a ... read more
price:  5000.00
a Japanese inkwell and brush holder (yatate) in wood and staghorn. The brush holder is made of Malaysian hardwood (tagayasan) with the ... read more
price:  SOLD
Stunning Japanese Antique Plique-a-jour Cloisonne Vase with Bird Antique Japanese rare plique-a-jour cloisonne vase. This is a very early plique and in perferct ... read more
price:  POR
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