Ottoman Dress from Turkey. Late 19th to early 20th century Silk velvet bindali with gold embroidery dival work
price:  150 Euro
19th century woman's skirt known as an "urku" in the Aymara language. This pleated skirt form was adopted by the indigenous Aymara ... read more
price:  Inquire
Pair Of Incan Warrior's Shin Protectors. Rare and unusual shin guards made with reeds wrapped by camelid fiber yarns in a stepped ... read more
price:  inquire
Tunisian Tunic of Ceremony - Ottoman Period possibly 18c.Beautiful Tunisian wedding ceremony tunic dating back from the Ottoman period before 1878. Flat ... read more
price:  2300 Euros plus shipping
a unique, white ground Aymara Ponchito (small poncho). Altiplano region, Bolivia. Early 19th Century or before. One of a kind cotton and ... read more
price:  SOLD
Complete 19th Century Uzbek Man's Ikat Robe. 76 x 56 inches. Lined with a bold block printed/painted cotton fabric. Padded for ... read more
price:  INQUIRE
Antique shaman dress from Nepal, Cotton. Height : 133 cm This dress has been entirely hand-sewn.
price:  $800
Antique Traditional Ceremonial Vintage Glass Beaded Turkish Skullcap -Hat From Kutahya made inkoy.
Needlework on felt made of camel wool Dervish hat.
price:  Por
a small collection of 3 rare antique Kyrgyz long tale hats. The middle one has beautiful ikat lining and complex silk ... read more
price:  Sold
Silk embroidery on cotton, added buttons, beading and coins on this very nice example of a Kohistani headdress. Indus, Kohistan. ... read more
price:  POA
Antique velvet dress of great condition and quality with gold couching and embroidery. Late 19th/early 20th c Hazara Afghanistan ... read more
price:  POA
Tribal woman wedding dress from nuristan valley of Afghanistan. Circa 1970 's.The dress is in its best condition The dress is very ... read more
price:  $250
Central anatolia,Sivas. Tekke... Dervish cardigan ...
price:  Ask
•dream jacket • Blue is the colour for royals, this jacket describe the story of its richness, This gold Zardosi hand crafted jacket is ... read more
price:  P.O.R
• hat • Blue gold! This splendid amount of intricacy work with natural flow of the zardozi, works hand in hand. Available
price:  P.O.R
An very Rare Ikat Mashru Jacket (costume), With Gold and Metal Thread Embroidery.Lined with Cotton, This Mashru weaving was done in the Deccan ... read more
price:  Sold Out Thank You
Ottoman textile ... 19.y.y
price:  Ask
late 19th century western anatolia velvet cepken. woven with silver thread.
price:  ask
Handwoven Aleppo jacket The dimensions are in the pictures
price:  ask
Handwoven Aleppo jacket The dimensions are in the pictures.
price:  SOLD
Ottoman textile ... Silk ... Striped dress worn by Ottoman women. wedding attire.
price:  Ask
Old and original Tibetan monks hat knotted like a rug. Good condition done signs of use. a rare object
price:  £250 + shipping
Thigma Tie and Dye Costume (Coat) of Zanskar women's from Ladakh. India. It’s Pure Indigo Blue colour and other natural colours has ... read more
price:  On Request
Central anatolia, Cappadocia (hasandag). shepherd clothes...
price:  Ask
Ottoman period, Bridal jacket. Ca 1890s
price:  Ask
Boys Waistcoat(sadri or Jacket), Zari Brocade (Gold Plated Real Silver Threads) On Gajji-Silk, Worn by Royal Vohra Muslims Community Of Sidhpur,Patan, Gujarat. India. C.1875.
price:  On Request
Ceremonial Chamba Costume, From Himachal Pradesh, India, Silk ground with Aari Zari (Real Silver and Gold ) Embroidery. Showing Lions, Birds. as well as ... read more
price:  On Request
a very early museum quality Jumlo , 19th c Indus Kohistan
price:  POA
Indus Kohistani Tunic with silver and brass ornamentation, buttons and all over embroidery.
price:  POA
Antique Inupiat moccasins, also Inupiaq, a people of Northern Alaska, part of the Inuit Peoples, hand sewn with beaded hearts, 1st qtr ... read more
price:  $225.00US
Chintz Kalamkari Costume Hand-Drawn Mordant-And Resist-Dyed Cotton, With Fine Quilted inside. From Coromandel Coast, South India. India. Made for the Export market. Its size ... read more
price:  Sold Out Thank You
• backless • Undying and Incomparable Culture of Sindh, Fascinating Elegance of Patterns . Sindh, Pakistan, mid 20th- century The work of Sindhi embroidery motifs ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Ejar (Trouser) Silk Double Ikat, Probably Patan Gujarat. India.This Patola Ejar design is known as Vohra-Gaji-Bhat(Vohra Type Design) . This type ... read more
price:  On Request
• chikankari choga • 'a lightness of touch' Chikankari is reputed to be among the finest traditional embroideries from India, typical of Lucknow. Cotton cloth, ... read more
price:  P.O.R
• sindh embroidery • Undying and Incomparable Culture of Sindh, Fascinating Elegance of Patterns . Sindh, Pakistan, mid 20th- century The work of Sindhi embroidery ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Women’s Top (Choli) Mochi Embroidery Chain Stich Silk Embroidery on Silk From Ahir Community Kutch Gujarat India.Circa 1900.(dsl05010).
price:  On Request
Early 20th c dress for a young girl ,silk , silk embroidery with some gold work. It ... read more
price:  POA
Nawabi Topi (Hat) Zardozi Embroidered on cotton velvet, With Real Silver Thread with Gold Polish, From Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. India.Late 19th
price:  Sold Out Thank You
Very interesting costume made from Anatolian leather. Size=122x105 cm
price:  ask
child dress • Undying and Incomparable Culture of Sindh, Fascinating Elegance of Patterns . Sindh, Pakistan, mid 20th- century This Hand embroidered designs and ... read more
price:  P.O.R
• chyrpy • This coat-veil (chyrpy) was often in cotton, embroidered with rows of stylised flowers, and among the Tekke its colour indicated ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Primitive dress belonging to the Eastern Anatolia's all hand-woven. 105x80 cm it has a measuremen woven using wool and bristle.
price:  130€
Knitted festival dance leggings. Natural colored, undyed wool. Aymara indigenous people, Altiplano region of Bolivia. Mid 20th century. Available individually. Keep ... read more
price:  $125 each
Ersari Turkmen Embroidered Hat, Central Asia, early 20th C. Good condition, good colors as well. Please inquire for more information and detail images.
Yemeni dress/aba. Cm 214x114. Early 20th c, probably 1920/1930sh. Wonderful indigo blue still deeply saturated. Cotton and metal thread embroidery. In very ... read more
price:  pls inquire
Chapan,19 cen. silk and cotton,long130
price:  300$
chapan,ikat,19 centiory,140cm.
price:  120$
Chodor tribe conical ikat hat late 19. c.
Tung The Camel Decoration Belt from Rajasthan India.C.1900.Goat-Hair Belt made using the Ply-Split method.Its size is W-7cm, L-215cm.(DSLR04410).
price:  On request
Ottoman silk jacket with silver embroideri vest purple color in good condition link
Tibetan lama hat, very rare one, it is the fifteenth century Tibetan famous Gelug school lamas in the religious ceremony of the ... read more
price:  $90 including shipping
An excellent antique Central Asian silk embroidered belt with original leather backing, pocket and gilded insert buckle. It dates to late 19th ... read more
price:  On Request
Ejar (Trouser) Silk Double Ikat, Probably Patan Gujarat. India.This Type Patola Ejar design known as Pan-Bhat Design or Pipal leaf Design. This ... read more
price:  Sold Out Thank You
Tibetan coat. Red background with ball flower veins. Good age and condition. The height is 68cm, and the sleeve spread length is
price:  Please ask
Wedding Lehenga  (Skirt) Zari (Real Silver) Brocade From Varanasi,  Uttar Pradesh. India.Known As Marwadi Lehenga. The lehenga is fashioned from silk and real ... read more
price:  Sold Out Thank You
An Very Rare Real Gold Block Varak Print Trouser For Shrinathji, From the Deccan Region of  South India. India. Real Gold Varak ... read more
price:  Sold Out Thank You
Turkmen baby hat Silk embroidery good condition
price:  EURO 8 0 0
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