This blanket (wallhanging, embroidery) is probably done by a Karakecili woman, but the crosses in the corners suggest Armenian or Greek. According ... read more
Swedish rya rug dated 1799. 240 x 150 cm.
price:  On Request
Manastir Kilims, -2003, Davut Mizrahi Excellent condition, German & English language texts. Price includes shipping worldwide. E:
price:  €62 incl. delivery
Size ; 93 x 130 cm West anatolia, Bergama or Manastir .
price:  Ask
Swedish röllakan kilim, size: 42*31 cm
price:  €350 + shipping
Antique Art Deco Chinese oriental rug, ca. 1920s. size is 3' x 5'9" ft. full pile, professionally hand washed.
price:  Please ask
Greek island embroidery, section of a cuff with an Italianate oak leaf and acorn meander. Probably Ionian Islands, Corfu? or Lefkada?, Northwest Greece, ... read more
price:  For more info...
Antique swedish Scandinavian skane rollakan tapestry wall hanging textile. Size 45×18 inches. For price contact us.
price:  Please inquire
Very nice tuduk carpet
price:  Pr
Original printing proofs for the colour plates of Orientalische Teppiche. Vienna, London, Paris: k. k. Österreichisches Handels-Museum, 1892–1896, 1st ed., Imperial folio, ... read more
price:  POR
Woman coat (chapan), Central Asia, 1900's, l: 150 cm; w: 116 cm. Pure silk (shoyi) ikat with pomegranate (nar) and amulet (tumar) ... read more
price:  POR
Beautiful natural dyed and a graphic 'shimmering' designed Rolakan weaving from the south of Sweden, circa 1900. designed with what is often ... read more
price:  Price upon request. Please ask.
Swedish folk art weaving, a lovely flatweave bench cover or agedyne from Scana in southern Sweden. Two swans decorate the field. Dated ... read more
price:  images and price
English crewel work screen (detail) email
price:  images and price
a traditional apron, called a "podia", traditionally worn by married women of the Sarakatsani, a formerly nomadic tribe of northern Greece. ... read more
price:  On request
Size : 122 x 178 cm, Old manastir.
price:  Ask
French Aubossun Hand Woven Tapestry with Birds Trees Dog Landscape second half 20th century, the size is 5'x7' ft. excellent condition.
price:  please ask
Antique Swedish carriage cushion, filled and ready for use. link 19th century. Size: 2ft 4in x 1ft 7in (70 x 48cm). This beautiful carriage cushion ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details.
19th century Swedish carriage cushion cover face, please contact for more details and images.
Charming Swedish bench cover with riotous colour and mystical horses.
price:  POR
Old manastir . Approximate size; 100x150 cm
price:  Ask
antique brussels tapestry fragment 7'4" x 1'1"
price:  POA
Peking Nichols Art Deco 1920 ish 240x125
price:  Ask
Block-Print With Birds and Floral Design , Kalamkari And Wood-Block , Hand-Drawn Mordant-And Resist-Dyed Cotton, From Rajasthan Region, North-West India. India. c.1900 - ... read more
price:  On Request
Swedish Åkdyna with Geese, 4'6" x 3' in size.
price:  SOLD
104 x 47. Swedish Åkdyna from Scania. Early 19th century.
price:  SOLD
This antique Manastir rug #7916 measures 4’1” x 5’4”. This is one of the most archaic architecturally beautiful rugs that i have ... read more
Rare and great Macedonian/ Bulgarian/ Greek ortoman18th silk embroydery
price:  2000
Uzbekistan Nim suzani, 19th cent. fine floral silk emrboidery on fine cotton. size 50" x 35" - 127 cm x 90 cm ... read more
price:  OR
This Greek Islands embroidery measures 2-0 x 4-1. This piece is beautifully put together in a prayer motif. The center could be ... read more
size``145x75 18th century midwestern greek prayer tekdil
Swedish kilim Cushion, size: 50*47 cm
price:  €210 + shipping
Tajik hanging shoi ikat on one side and antique Russian printed cotton on the other side 19th cent. size : 34" x ... read more
price:  O.R
This circa 1920 Art Deco Chinese Oriental Rug measures 8’9” x 11’7”. It has a dark indigo blue field with a meandering ... read more
Antique silk embroidered bible case. From Greece or Balkan ? Size as it is closed 14 cm x 19 cm.
price:  O.R.
Tibetan masho (‘over-saddle’ carpet). Dark blue and white checkered center field, pearl inner border, 'rice grain' secondary border, Greek t outer border ... read more
price:  Price upon request. Please ask.
Swedish kilim cushion, lovely design, size: 48*45 cm
price:  €185 + shipping
tuduk prayer rug romania cm 1.67 x 1,30 1930 circa natural colors
price:  PLease enguire
a rare antique curtain with Spanish bullfighting and plant motifs. This curtain may be unique because of the subject matter in which ... read more
price:  175 euros
1»» Swedish röllakan kilim, size: 45*39 cm, 2»» Swedish kilim, size: 44*50cm
price:  €180 + shipping
French tapestry fragment with silk highlights,good age and condition.E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 449.
Swedish Rya rugs, size: 53*53cm, wall hanging
price:  €1210 + shipping
Palampore ,Tree of Life Floral Chintz Kalamkari And Wood-Block , Hand-Drawn Mordant-And Resist-Dyed Cotton,From Gujarat Region, North-West India. India. c.1875 - ... read more
price:  On Request
Antique European Rug #7942 Price on Request Size: 13’5” x 16’6” This gigantic European rug measures 13’5” x 16’6”. It is most ... read more
This Spanish pall ("palia"in Spanish) or chalice cover from the 1800s is embroidered with floral motifs on a fine silk fabric. ... read more
price:  175 EUROS
Art Deco Chinese Oriental Rug, ca. 1920s, size is 8'8" x 12'
price:  Sold
Old Heriz carpet (280 cm. x 190 cm.) As found condition direct from a french estate. In need of a deep cleaning and ... read more
price:  250€ + ship
French tapestry antique, 221 x 304 cm, id: A-834 Historical subject, in good condition.
price:  On request
French tapestry, antique, 352 x 298 cm, id. A-833 Historical subject, in good condition.
price:  On request
Probably from Thrace, very beginning of the 20th c. Hand embroidered in silk on rather coarse handwoven linen. These panels were often ... read more
price:  SOLD
Silk waistcoat with silk hand embroidery, English, c.1770-1790 - a typical design fashionable at the period. In very good condition. The slight ... read more
price:  £500
An extremely rare and finest French long shawl 1830-1840th century designed by Jean Baptiste Amédée couder, one of the best known designers ... read more
price:  On request
French tapestry carpet, Charles x, first half 19th century.
price:  Por
Very Unique European Square Moon Shawl From Probably Woven in Nimes, France. C.1840-1860. Its Size is 185cmx190cm (20230323_160203).
price:  On Request
Scandinavian 'folk art' wedding-bed cover with thick sheep's wool backing made in Sweden in 1907. Surely a one-off hand-made village piece prepared ... read more
price:  Price upon request. Please ask.
For flower lovers: a fine antique Persian Bakhtiary rug displaying a garden full of roses. This rug was woven in the village ... read more
price:  Please inquire
Shyrdak, Ouzbek felt, 20th c., Northern Afghanistan, probably Lakay as a similar example is shown with lakay tribes in wonderful book of ... read more
price:  Por
Antique English or European flat weave. 3-7" x 6-6"
price:  $700
Greek embroidery Mid 18 th century
price:  P.O.R
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