Central Asian (Non-Turkmen)

19th century 'Nim' Suzani
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Tekche (fragment ?)cod. 0664. Silk lacing and chain stitch hand-embroidery on black velvet. Kirghiz people. Central Asia.. Early 20th. century. Very good ... read more
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Suzani cod. 0264. Silk embroidery on cotton. First half 20th. century. Perfect condition. Dimension cm. 204 x 270 (80" x 106"). Sewn ... read more
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Antique Rare Uzbek Suzani, handmade Suzani bedcover, wall hanging embroidery textiles, home decoration textiles Size: 240 cm x 190 cm FAST worldwide shipping almost ... read more
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Kirghiz leather khorjin from Wakhan, Afghanistan. Fully complete.
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Fine and colorful Tashkent Nim Suzani (100 cm. x 75 cm.) Last picture taken before mounting on a fabric to show the ... read more
a visually dazzling antique Uzbek silk on silk nim suzani from Shahrisabz region dating to early 1900’s. It is fine silk chain ... read more
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Bashir or Uzbek rug with an ikat design (ak kymak). Fragmented, mounted, and conserved, 3'1"x4'5"
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Turkmen Beshir rug. Cm 110x212. Late 19th century. Good cond. Very nice, rare medium size. Seven colors: 3/4 shades of madder red, ... read more
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Turkmen Tekke silk chirpy sleeves. Cm 9x40 ca. Datable 1860/80. Most probably kept and used as amulets. Simply wonderful. Email carlokocman@gmail.com
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Antique Khotan Rug, ca. 1880 132 × 75 cm (4' 3" × 2' 5") Special Price for piece.
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Antique Uzbekistan - Bukhora Tribal Silver Enameld Crown All Silver Handcrafted. This is Bokhara Art Collector Crown. Great Condition. Size - ''17.5 cm ... read more
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Kirghiz fragment found in Tibet, older than any Kirghiz piece I've seen with an ancient aesthetic. ... It appears to be quite ... read more
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This unusual squarish tribal decoration comes from Kirghizistan. It is wool embroidery on leather. Size is cm 38x48. Could be an amulet? ... read more
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Tajik young girl's cap with the traditional "tail" to hide the plait. The cap is heavily embroidered in stripes of cherry red, ... read more
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Uzbek napramach embroidered in tightly twisted silk on a plain cotton ground. The medallion design and the colours are very typical. It ... read more
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Mid 19th century Beshir prayer rug from 1830-1850. Former Jim Dixon rug featured in Hali 151 on Beshir Prayer Rugs. Worn in ... read more
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Antique Karakalpak Rug Size.350x165cm ..E-mail.anatolianpicker@gmail.com
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Antique Uzbek embroidery, known as Aina Khalta or Ilgich, made by the Lakai tribe. It measures 46 cm x 36 cm. It ... read more
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Antique Uzbek embroidery, known as Aina Khalta or Ilgich, made by the Lakai tribe. It measures 56 cm x 37 cm. It ... read more
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Antique Uzbek embroidery from the Lakai tribe. The embroidery is known as Aina Khalta or Ilgich. i believe it was/is a decorative ... read more
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Great Beshir Mina Khani in a rare rug format. Ask for more details.
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Lakai suzani embroidered in chain stitch (worked with a tambour hook) on a very traditional red cotton ground with the typical good ... read more
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Tajik Arab Kilim, Late 19th century. Wonderful colors and design solid blocks of alternating color separated by continuous diamond borders. Sturdy construction ... read more
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Very Old Central Asian / Uzbek main carpet with crosses in octagons. Great saturated and diverse color with an amazing border of ... read more
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Beshir rug, 19th century. Atypical design scheme. Worn but design visible. Mounted on linen and ready for display. 107 ... read more
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Whiteground (Teke) Chirpy fragment, 18thc, mounted
Antique Uzbek Silk Ikat Boshca Orginal Panel 60x50 cm
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Small Khotan Rug Circa 1800 size 112x186 cm
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Ferghana ikat chapan, very early 20th century. Russian trade cloth cotton lining with striped interior binding and an external finish of blue ... read more
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a striking ikat chapan, Uzbekistan early 20th c. It is in good condition with a particularly attractive lining perhaps of Russian printed ... read more
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Old decorative suzani (220cm x 160cm) As found condition with wear, stains, fadding but complete and very decorative with its pastel tonalities and ... read more
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An excellent antique Uzbek Shahrisabz silk embroidered dress collar decoration dating to the 19th century. Shahrisabz region produced some of the most ... read more
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Shahrisabz Suzani Fragment Circa 1800’s Size: 120x173 cm
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Antique Turkmen Beshir Chuval from the Amu Darya region. Very nice collector’s item. http://www.najib.de' > link
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Striking East Turkestan three medallion carpet, probably from either Khotan or Yarkand, which are both ancient oasis towns on the southern branch ... read more
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From Sonny Berntssons collection: No 152 Kirgiz yastik fragment, Feragana area, mounted on fabric. 48 x 85 cm. Circa 1850 - 1875 More info if ... read more
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Kyrgiz camel head-dress. The main body is made with the felt technique, and from this hang ornaments covered with felt that end ... read more
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Beshir Engsi Rug Circa 1870 Size: 110x200 cm
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Uzbek suzani fragment silk and wool embroidery, little wears only on wool emrboidery, saturated colors 29" x 21" - 75 cm x ... read more
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a beautiful Antique 19th century Uzbek Adras Ikat square hanging from Bokhara / Bukhara region. It is a shash rang / ... read more
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Afghanistan Lakai talisman hanging - Mirror cover embroidery. Size : 22" x 13 " - 56 cm x 33 cm without tassels. ... read more
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2'6'' x 3'6'' / 81cm x 107cm An antique Beshir rug rich colours with a stunning border from west Turkestan.
a rare and interesting Uzbek yastik with a Yomut main carpet design - a dyrnak gul - a real rarity and a ... read more
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Beautiful antique Uzbek prayer arch nim suzani. 19th century. 151x90cm. Extra fine embroidery and richly dyed colours. Good condition apart from a ... read more
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Antique Uzbekistan decorative rug. Size: 92*155 cm Overall in good condition with some signs of wear, small repair required. For more images please contact me.
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i bought this ❤️ lovely textile about ten years ago. It looks like a Kaitag,  but it’s most probably not. Might have ... read more
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Central - Asian Antique Uzbekistan Tribal Handcarved Silver Necklace & Gold Washed. Before, when people used it, they used to print a picture ... read more
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Özbek suzani size 127x92cm
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Camel headdressornament from the Kyrgyz or Uzbek tribes, probably from northern Afghanistan. a tribal piece in excellent condition. Made with the knotting ... read more
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Kungrad teckhe cod. 0079. Early 20th. century. Dimension cm. 70 x 65 (28" x 26"). Very good condition. Lined with a cotton ... read more
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Ikat fragment cod. 0179. Silk. Uzbekistan. Dimension cm. 44 x 38 717" x 15"). Lined with a white cotton textile. Early 20th.
price:  P.O.R.
Uzbek ikat panel. 19th century. 202x91cm
price:  POA
Samarkand saff Uzbek knotted circa 1780 antique, collectors item, museum standard, 91 x 106 cm carpet id: K-3019 Family prayer rug, the ... read more
price:  CHF 3'200.-
Uzbekistan Lakai silk cross stitch belt, 19th century. Great lively colors. It even still has the silk knotted "buttons" on the ... read more
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Decorative embroidery "Ilgich" cod. 0046. Silk embroidery on cotton and wool. Kungrad people. Central Asia. Late 19th. century. Very good condition. Cm. ... read more
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Striking Tibetan makden (‘under-saddle’ carpet) exhibiting a Khotan-like influence with an elaborate mandala motif surrounded by a fine trellis-like circular blue ‘necklace'. ... read more
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Ottoman Suzani Diameter length 180 cm i can't reach the messages from the site. Send it directly, please 21ben342125@gmail.com
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Early small Khotan rug (34" x 65"). Circa 1800. Good condition. Overcast sides. Not normally seen in this size. Please email me ... read more
Book for sale, not rug. This is plate 15 From the Periphery to Center Stage: Rugs of the Kirghiz and Nearby ... read more
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