Dramatically painted doors depicting symbols of Tibetan mythology such as Tigers Dragons and Lamas From Tibet. C.1875-1900. Its size is 65cmX148cm Approximate(20220626_133900 ).
price:  On Request
Mask, Nepal. 25 cm.
price:  $900
Antique Tibetan mantra printing block, 19th century. 26 x 23 cm
price:  $ 550
Vintage fine quality tantric Kantha from Murshidabad district of West Bengal India 1900c. Depicting the kundalini snake in the centre, ... read more
price:  On request
Inner Mongolian carpet antique in very, very good condition, knotted around 1910. Full pile and without repils, restors. Wool on cotton foundation. Original ... read more
price:  On request !
This ancient necklace of snake vertebrae was worn for many decades by one or more Nepalese shamans. 20th century
price:  $ 300
Silver bracelet with makara head terminals, Tibet or Bhutan, 19th or early 20th century
price:  $ 160
Antique Mongolian Chinese Rug #8068 Age: circa 1910 Mongolian rug Size: 3’1” x 6’0” https://antiqueorientalrugs.com/product/antique-mongolian-chinese-rug-31...
price:  $2,000.00
Small Vintage Tibetan Textile with pattu wool & stamp-dyed art - probably an animal cover. More photos & description here: https://wovensouls.com/products/l1-group-of-tibetan-textiles
price:  POR
Old Tibetan Pangden Apron along with a group of other textiles. See more photos & descriptions https://wovensouls.com/products/l1-group-of-tibetan-textiles?_pos=1&_sid...
price:  POR
Finely hand-woven four paneled raw silk Bhutanese blanket (i.e. four individually woven strips or panels sewn together post weaving) made with all ... read more
price:  Price upon request
Tibetan, early 20th century, 1' 8" x 2' 9"
price:  POR
Beautiful 'butterfly' shaped under-saddle carpet from Tibet. The outer main border is of interlinked floral trellis work and has a peacock roundel ... read more
price:  Price upon request
Tibetan Saddle Cover, Circa 1900, 66cm x 130cm (2'2" x 4'3"). High quality wool and dyes. Excellent condition. More photographs available.
price:  Please Ask
Tibetan three paneled black tsuktruk with a Zeepa (Dzeepa, Zeepak, et al) as the sole central motif, and with spray coming off a ... read more
price:  Price upon request
Lady's Dress with 'Tigma' design, Bhutan, circa 1900, 1.24m x 2.20m (4'1" x 7'2")
price:  Please Ask
Tibetan carpet of an irregular size with a 'stylised' tiger striped center field design that may have been used as a dais ... read more
price:  Price upon request
Antique Tibetan Rug, 1950-1970 135 × 80 cm (4' 5" × 2' 7")
price:  €990.00
Nice Tibetan Sitting Rug. No color run and believe colors are all good. Size 33 x 29 inches. All ... read more
price:  $425 plus shipping
Small Tibetan Piece 29 x 25 inches. Nice natural brown and indigo blue with well defined medallions. Some wear trough center which ... read more
price:  $150 plus shipping
This khagangma, or Tibetan seating square, is simply nothing short of an extraordinary example of Tibetan woven art. Stunningly beautiful, relatively large ... read more
price:  Price upon request
Matched pair of decorative Tibetan horse trappings - with the pile backed by heavy canvas-like material - which would have attached to ... read more
price:  Price upon request
a finely woven trapezoid shaped Tibetan ‘takheb’ blanket made of tie-dyed woolen nambu cloth for use over a horse or yak. The ... read more
price:  Price upon request
fresh in a lovely Chinese bench cover fragment with dragons. These were originally around 14 foot long made to cover ... read more
price:  Sold thanks
Late 19th Century Tibetan Khaden size 84x152 cm
price:  On Request
Antique shaman dress from Nepal, Cotton. Height : 133 cm This dress has been entirely hand-sewn.
price:  $800
a first half 19th c. tibetan khaden with a great early esthetic.. saturated colors of course all natural with this brillant orange which ... read more
antique khaden with beautiful turquoise blue/ green abrashed testifying in some way the real love and faith of tibetan people giving ... read more
5'4 x 3'0 Tibetan/Chinese - "Tantric" flayed human skin design ca. Skulls in border
price:  1500.00
Old Tibetan Wangden rug, khaden size (circa 166 by 75 cm), born without fringes, unusual secular type with rare checkerboard pattern, natural ... read more
price:  Bargain price!
Asian art. Elaborately decorated museum quality gilded brass Newari oil lamp known as a Sukunda, hand crafted by an exceptionally gifted artisan ... read more
price:  Price upon request
So-called ‘warp-faced-back’ runner (long carpet) woven in the Wangden valley region of Tibet. Given the colours, this thick heavy carpet with its ... read more
price:  Price upon request
i think it is interesting to repost this very old gansu area fragment, it is also all wool foundation but if ... read more
Tibetan runner or sitting/sleeping rug with 3 large guls and Chinese and Tibetan symbols, Some minor border repairs, about 3 by 6
price:  POR
Tibetan: Four panelled tsuk truk in yellow/orange, with red cloth surround. Excellent condition, about 2 1/2 by 5 ft
Striking trapezoidal shaped Tibetan carpet known as a takheb, which was meant for use as a horse or yak cover / blanket. ... read more
price:  Price upon request
ok now reposted with more informations. Rare antique west china gansu carpet with large scale (pomegranate) design, wool warp and wool weft, ... read more
Tibetan chests; for more informations please ask ...
price:  Por
Beautiful richly saturated warp-faced-back large over-saddle carpet or 'masho', presumably from the Wangden valley region of Tibet, with two archaic mandala-like medallions ... read more
price:  SOLD. Thank you!
Mask of Rakshasa, eastern Nepal. The Rakshasas are demons hostile to humans, they have the power to transform into various forms but are ... read more
price:  $1200
Necklace from Ladakh, Tibetan cultural area. Silver, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Coral. First part of the 20th century.
price:  sold
Antique Sornaï, traditional Nepalese wind instrument, which is part of the traditional Nepalese orchestra of Panche Baja composed of 5 musical instruments. This ... read more
price:  $250
Old chain of bells and whistles, shamanic culture of Nepal. The shaman places two of these chains across the shoulders.
price:  $250
Old Tibetan horse trapping known as a 'takyeb' and used for decorating the forehead of a horse, yak or dzo (a cross ... read more
price:  Price upon request
This beautifully hand carved wooden mask with a dynamic presence is from Tibet and is meant to depict the diety Mahakala, a ... read more
price:  Price upon request
Lustrous Tibetan warp-faced-back under-saddle carpet (makden) woven in the Wangden valley region of Tibet some time in the mid to latter half ... read more
price:  SOLD. Thank you!
Elegant and quite early Tibetan piece. 4'9" x 2'6". One old repair.
price:  por
Book: Cremer et. al. 99 Teppiche Rugs: Gabbeh – Belutsch-Tibet-Teppiche, 1993, English text. Very interesting exhibition catalog on 81 old and antique Persian ... read more
price:  15 Euro + shipping
Tibetan three paneled checkered tsuktruk, the three individual strips having been woven separately on a narrow loom and then sewn together to ... read more
price:  Price on request
Antique Mongolian Chinese Rug #8068 Age: circa 1910 Mongolian rug Size: 3’1” x 6’0” https://antiqueorientalrugs.com/product/antique-mongolian-chinese-rug-31...
price:  2000
Tibetan circa before 1900
price:  $980
Old and original Tibetan monks hat knotted like a rug. Good condition done signs of use. a rare object
price:  £250 + shipping
This lovely Tibetan seating square made ca 1900 was sourced in Tibet nearly 25 years ago, had some repairs done there ... read more
price:  Sold
Beautiful Tibetan floral khaden (bed size rug) featuring two lotus’s - each growing out of Mount Meru, the mythical sacred mountain in ... read more
price:  SOLD - Thank you!
Tibetan Masho or 'above-saddle' carpet portraying - in this instance - a benign, almost 'pussy-cat' like tiger pelt. The very light brown ... read more
price:  Price on request
Beautiful antique Tibetan khaden rug ca 1900. Size 152 x 89 cm. Old thick backing remains. Excellent condition glowing colours ... read more
price:  Ask
Tibetan Dragon Rug size: 78 x 145 cm
price:  POR
Tibetan three medallion rug. Luminous and lush with a delicate subtle, palette - the rug is old. a so-called Wangden type ... read more
price:  Inquire
Thigma Tie and Dye Costume (Coat) of Zanskar women's from Ladakh. India. It’s Pure Indigo Blue colour and other natural colours has ... read more
price:  On Request
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