7 x 14 ft 19th Century Antique Ghashghaei / Qashqai Rug It was a challenge to photograph this carpet because of its ... read more
price:  2499
Qashqai Gabbeh chanteh circa 1880 all good natural dyes and perfect condition size 25x22cm
Beautiful antique Shiraz rug. 6'10" x 5'1" or 208 x 155 cm. Available. Contact me at: or
price:  Please ask
Antique Persian Kilim coming soon!!!! Amazing colors #persiankilim #antiqueruglove #antiquerugshop #antiquecarpet #antiquecarpets #silkrug #vintagerug #bahktiari #isfahancarpet #anatolianrugs #tappeticaucasici #armenianrugs #ermetismo #magia #hermetism #esoterismo #esotericism #astrologia #alchimia #alchemy #filosofia #philosophy #collectibles #oggettidacollezione #kurdish #interiordesign #antiquity #symbolism
price:  On Request
rare Shahsavan bag face size 30x30cm
price:  Por
19th Century Persian Ferahan Rug Size : 260 x 344 cm Stock No : 2198 Contact :
Old and beautiful, large and antique Tabriz carpet (332 cm. x 268 cm.) Overall good condition, some wear in places and few ... read more
price:  550€ + ship
Late 19th Century Persian Silk Keshan Rug Stock No : 2398 Size : 130×202 cm Contact :
19 Century Caucasian Shahsevan Long Rug Size : 118×280 cm Please send me directly mail.
Heriz 1940 top condition
price:  1250€ plus shipping
Kirman Kerman poshti 1900 95 x 63 Persian mythological figure Top condition
price:  Ask
Heriz Bakhshayesh antique runner 90x400
price:  Ask
Qashqai kilim fragment. Fars region. Iran. Size is cm 75c165. Age approx 1880/1890. Lovely natural colors. Available after 30/40 years in my collection. Email
price:  pls inquire
Shushtar Bakhtiyari kilim, 19th century. Camel wool ground. Very floppy, fine feel. Wonderful colors. Unusual size. 91 x ... read more
price:  POR
Heriz Persian, old, 67 x 140 cm, id: K-3610 The background color is indigo, geometric design, the surrounded large border is rust, vegetable ... read more
price:  CHF 850.-
Antique Ziegler & Co carpet in perfect, original condition. 290 x 486cm / 9'6" x 16'0"
price:  Please enquire
Antique Heriz carpet 236 x 323cm / 7'9" x 10'7" in very good, original condition
price:  GBP £2,880
Late of the 19th century persian avshar rug cute size 126x146 cm. please send me directly mail.
price:  por
Beautiful Bakshiash carpet 368 x 453cm / 12'1" x 14'10"
price:  Please enquire
Shahsavan bag size 54x52cm
price:  Por
Excellent Shahsevan mafrash panel kilim circa 1880 all good natural colors and very good condition size 62x48cm.
Middle of the 19th Century Avshar Bagface . Please send me directly mail
price:  350$
Antique Persian Serapi Carpet circa 1880 size 288x463 cm
Antique Isfahan Persian Rug, size is (4'10" x 7'5" ft.) ca. 1880s, kurk wool pile & silk foundation.
price:  Please ask
Antique Bijar Persian Rug, ca. 19th century, the size is 4'9" x 7'3" ft.
price:  Please ask
Small Bakshiash Heriz rug in Perfect condition. 3'3" x 5'6" / 100 x 166cm
price:  GBP £3,950
afshar size:152*117 material:wool age:in 1900 Please send me directly mail
price:  490 euro
Late of the 19th Century Persian Tebriz Rug Size : 140 x 195 cm. Please send me directly mail.
Wagireh Ornak Bidjar Halvaie sample rug 1920 Shiny wool great condition
price:  Ask
Beautiful Varamin kilim chanteh circa 1880 all good nautral dyes and good condition size25x23
An old, large and fine Kerman carpet (410 cm. x 293 cm.) Soft pastel and blue tonalities for this rare piece. Some wear ... read more
Karadja Persian, knotted circa 1905, antique, collectors item, 144 x 200 cm, id: K-2376 The black knots are oxidized, the knots are hand ... read more
Ceremonial bridal veil cod. 0440. Metal strip-wrapped and pulled openwork on silk twill. Djerba island. Tunisia. Early 20th. century. Very good condition. ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Mahal sampler - ‘As Found’ condition with wear throughout. Complete with some remaining end finishes.
Antique Vegetable dye Malayer rug from Iran. Size: 200*140 cm Fedex free shipping worldwide, delivery in 4-7 days to most countries. Email:
price:  Ask please
Old and beautiful small Farahan rug. (193 cm. x 131 cm.). Unusual small format and medallion design, could make a great hanging or ... read more
Very cute heriz or Bahsahis carpet , ground wool is camel wool, size 210x110cm
price:  Por
Beautiful Lori Bakhtiyari Gabbeh circa 1900 all good natural colors and perfect condition,size 30x26cm
Imo a Shahsavan runner, size is 78 x 270 cm, a quite rare type, with such narrow borders and the field design, ... read more
price:  ask
Horse cover? part of mafrash? a cherful bagface with great graphics, Kurdish or Luri. wool on cotton. 76 (full length)x 59 cm. ... read more
price:  € 110
Antique Persian Joshagan Joshagan rug Joshogan (Joshagan), in central Persia specializes in only a few designs, especially one derived from Safavid originals, ... read more
price:  899
Tabriz Persian knotted circa 1890, antique, collectors item, 122 x 161 cm, id: WH-1 The knots, the warp and the weft threads are ... read more
price:  CHF 3'880.-
Afshar bag, this khordjin is in very good condition, deep and nice colours, rare palmette design, shells at the side. Impressive! 65 ... read more
price:  € 365
Seductive red that attracts people, Old and Decorative Tabriz Carpet 11’2”x15’3” feet ( 3,42x4,66 cm ) nice colors and nice conditions all ... read more
price:  On Request
Tabriz Persian knotted circa 1920, signed, antique, 380 x 300 cm, id: ERB-3 The black knots are oxidized, the knots are hand spun ... read more
price:  CHF 2'000.-
Dated Persian Bidjar Rug in Good Condition Size 137x 207 cm. Please send me directly mail.
Webinar: “Truly Tribal in South Persian Weavings” with James Opie, Researcher, Author, Collector and Dealer. Saturday, November 11, 10 am pt ... read more
Avshar bag face size 40x54cm
price:  Por
Exceptional very fine early Persian Senneh saddle cover. Circa 1840 or older. True collector piece! Please email:
Detail of enigmatic south Persian bagface , with Kilim back. a bit frayed around the edges, I’m afraid. Write for further details.
price:  On request
This antique Bakhtiari or Luri Camel Bag, dating back circa 1900, is a stunning piece of decor for collectors of decorative items. ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Kerman Pictorial Rug Lion & King Darius Achaemenid Mythological Tapestry Antique Kerman Pictorial Rug Mythological Tapestry Lion & King Darius Achaemenid at ... read more
Antique Persian Afshar rug, size is 4' x 6'3" (122 x 190 cm) ca.1870s, professionally hand washed,.
price:  Please ask
Afshar rug, early 20th century. The French-style floral field is surrounded by exquisitely drawn cloud band motifs. Two birds perch ... read more
price:  POR
Masterpiece! Age, balance, colors, pattern, condition...... Beautiful Senneh/Sinna kilim. Some say it's a Bidjar, others stick to Senneh. In any way it's simply a ... read more
price:  was € 2.400, now € 1.200 only + shipping at cost price
Kirmanshah Persian knotted circa 1910 antique, collectors item. 386 x 286 cm, id: P-3870 The pile is uniformly short, allover Zille Sultan design, ... read more
Early Antique persian tebriz silk rug , 180 x 126 cm
Antique Mahal carpet with terracotta ground colour and unusual green border. 306 x 396cm / 10'0" x 13'0"
price:  Please enquire
Very fine Serapi carpet circa 1880, in excellent, original condition. 241 x 291cm / 7'11" x 9'7"
price:  Please Enquire
Afshar rug book, Parviz Tanavoli author, not used, excellent condition,
price:  €280 + shipping
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