An antique part silk Saryk chuval, 165 x 89 cm. ( 5.4ft x 2.9ft) circa 1880. The dark purple-brown ground with Salor ... read more
price:  P O R
Unusual and rare Yomut Turkmen prayer rug. Circum-Caspian zone, most probably Ogurjali work (traditional for the tribe irregularities, colouring, set of borders, ... read more
price:  on request
Books: 12 x Rippon Boswell, Wiesbaden No. 28-39, Caucasus, Turkoman, tribal Persian etc. 12 rug auction catalogues of Rippon Boswell on antique carpets, ... read more
price:  sold, thanks
Book: Andrews/Azadi: Wie Blumen in der Wüste (icoc 1993), top!
price:  120 Euro + shipping
Books: Elmby, Hans. Antique Turkmen Carpets i+ii+iii+iv+v (complete set). Complete set of these dealer's sales and exhibition catalogues on Turkoman with some other ... read more
price:  80 Euro + shipping
Antik Turkmen Yomut in excellent condition 79 x42
price:  85
Antique Ersari chuval with soft wool and great colors. 3'0" x 4'6".
Antique Yomut / Yomud Torba with original back. Nice border. 1'4" x 3'1".
price:  $300, domestic shipping included
19th. Century Turkmen Mafrash size: 29 x 99 cm
price:  POR
Detail of an early Saryk tent band fragment. Ask for more info and pics.
price:  por
Antique Turkmen Ersari Prayer Kilim
price:  Anatolianpicker
Smart Yomut chuval with a rare box border. Turkmenistan, 19th century
price:  POA
Antique Turkmen Ersari Chuval
price:  Anatolianpicker
Antique Gulli Gul Ersari, nice green, early enough ;-), condition issues as shown.
price:  please ask
Antique Turkmen Yamut Ensi Rug
price:  Anatolianpicker
Antique Turkmen Ersari Chuval
price:  Anatolianpicker
Turkmen Yamud Circa 1870 Size : 80x123 cm
price:  Ask Please
yomud yomut torba - a fine single medallion example complete with the backand with fullest pile - needs a good washing
price:  ASK
Antique turkman trapping or jollar with ikat inspired design and full thick high pile. All good natural colors with lots of undyed ... read more
price:  On request
Salor Tent Band fragment of a very rare, high-quality Salor tent band with knotted designs on a white warp-faced plainweave ground. Some ... read more
price:  POR
great antique asmalyk in great condition wonderful colors, great tassels, clean, no stains, no repairs 120x62cm 4x2.1ft
price:  ON EBAY now groen7groen
7/seven sided Yomut Asmalyk. Cm 80x100 ca or 31”x40”. Full 19th century. This great piece has been woven by a very skilled ... read more
price:  pls inquire
Antique Turkmen Ersari Ensi Rug Size.165x124
price:  Anatolianpicker
Small Beshir rug, 2nd. half 19th century, 7ft. 2in. x 3ft. 10in. or 2.18m. x 1.17m. Good colors and border design, with ... read more
price:  reasonable & not much
Tekke main carpet border fragment, late 19th century, 10” x 1-6 (25 x 46), rug was hand washed, good pile, plus shipping.
price:  $45.00
Turkmen Yamut Cuval circa 1870 size:74x124 cm
price:  Por
Turkmen Ersari Engsi circa 1840 size 130x190 cm
price:  On Request
Antique small Baluch rug with oversized turkman type guls and an unusual delicate border. Beautiful all natural colors and an attractive supple ... read more
price:  Sold
Interesting antique checkered Ersari torba. 1'1" x 3'1". Soft wool and a few scattered moth bites. Cheers.
price:  $165, domestic shipping included
Beshir fragment, very nice design
price:  Por
Superb Yomud Chuval in great condition with beautiful dyes
price:  Please ask
Nice natural dyes Tekke 12 Gul torba from the 19th century…inexpensive!
price:  Sold
Ersari Main Carpet, late 19th century, 250 x 275 cm (8' x 8' 4"). Shiny colors (wysiwyg), 24 guls, each differs!
price:  On request
Antique Yamut Asmalik ,120 x 68 cm
Secound 19th Century Türkmen Ersari Rug Size.290x132 Cm
price:  Por
yomud ok bash with full pile
price:  VERY GOOD
Antique small colorful tekke rug. All good colors and nice fine weave. Skirt or elem panels of different design at each end, ... read more
price:  On request
19th century Ersari Beshir chuval. 3'1" x 4'10". Wonderful greens, reds, blues, and yellow. Cheers.
price:  $550 domestic shipping included
Turkmen Tentband Circa 1870 Size : 50x370 cm
price:  Ask Please
Superb early 19th century Tekke Main carpet in excellent condition. 6'9" x 8'4" / 206 x 254cm
price:  Please enquire
Antique Turkmen Kızılayak Chuval
price:  Anatolianpicker
Turkmen Chuval Circa 1880 Size : 72x113 cm
price:  ask Please
Turkmen Tekke Rug size: 107 x 110 cm
price:  $ 180 + Shipping
Turkmen Ersari Cuval circa 1860-70 size 77x129 cm
price:  On Request
Turkmen Beshir cuval/storage bag face with Mina Khani pattern. Big size: cm 104x176. Should be datable 1880/1900. Great Mina Khani design. Lovely ... read more
price:  400€ + UPS
a beautiful Ersari mafrash 145.43cm
price:  400€
Six Guls Tekke Torba 102x35cm
price:  800 Euro
komplette Yomut Kelim Zelt (Tent) Band, Turkmenistan, 19th century 1494 x 33 cm (49' x 1' 1")
price:  500€
Small square antique Ersari sitting rug. Good pile and wonderful colors. 4'0" x 4'5". Cheers.
price:  $400, domestic shipping included
Antique Ersari torba with a large amount of silk. All the pink in the border is silk as well as small amounts ... read more
Yomud sub-group Chuval with nine large primary güls and chemche secondary güls and a main border of small plants. Brilliant colours, ... read more
price:  POR
Saryk Tent Band fragment, a section of a tent band originally very much longer (ca. ten to twelve metres), on a white ... read more
Very nice dyes and design Yomud Chuval with lovely green and nice ground colour, good age and inexpensive!
price:  SOLD
Turkmen Karakalpak Tent band fragment with lovely colors including , greens and yellows.....
price:  on request
Antique Ersari torba in almost full pile condition. Great saturated colors.
price:  $475 domestic shipping included
Yomut ensi, perfect for Christmas, one small damage, otherwise good condition, 19th c,
Antique Turkmen Ersari Chuval
price:  Anatolianpicker
Antique Turkmen Yamut Torba
price:  Anatolianpicker
Antique Turkmen Yamut quiver Bagface
price:  Anatolianpicker
Large Ersari banner.58 x 216cm.
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