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Central Asian Main carpet. 19th century. Size: 69 x 117 inches. George O'bannon published a closely related example in his Kazakh ... read more
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Pre-Columbian tie dye panel, Wari Culture, a.d. 600 - 900. Size: 25 x 33 inches. This textile has a colorful ... read more
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turkoman weavings for sale - look at the last photo of the super + anatolian prayer rug -tekke 6 gul torba thats ... read more
An other ‘Kuba’ fragment with fabulous border color....latch hooks motifs of varying sizes, each sparkling in its own inter galactic way.
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Old ‘Kuba’ fragment with dramatic Kufic border
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Nice antique caucasian runner ca 1900's. Size is 390x92 cm/13'x3'1". In great shape with some minor wear on the edges.
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Privileged Qashqai rug with goldish colour scheme on field,a large number of colours can be seen insofar as it can thrill every ... read more
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Fine little 19th century knit coin purse from Bolivia - for the knitter in your family. All natural colors. Made with ... read more
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Size : 144 x 260 (cm), East anatolia , kars (kagizman) .
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Antique Baluch Rug
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Chodor or Yomud Turkmen Small Main Carpet - asymmetric open right - 4'8 x 8'0 / 146 x 244 cm
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Ersari Qarqeen circa 1850 53"x34" Any questions or photo requests please ask.
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#7283 Kazak Antique Caucasian Rug $6,500.00 Size: 3’9″ x 6’6″ (118 x 201 cm) Age: Circa 1875
#7198 Kazak Antique Caucasian Rug 4’2″ x 8’5″ $9,000.00 Size: 4’2″ x 8’5″ (128 x 259 cm) Age: 3rd quarter 19th century
Baluch Salt Bag ("Namakdan"), sw Pakistan/SE Persia, circa 1925, 1'1" x 1'10" Good condition, signs of some synthetic red as well as natural ... read more
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Size : 150 x 410 (cm), Middle anatolia, cappadocia (avanos) !
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Antique Khamse Rug
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Antique Caucasian Genje Bagface Size.44x43 Cm
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Chinese Xinjiang rug, it was produced in Khotan area in Xinjiang, The pattern of the golden rooster announcing the dawn, originally meant ... read more
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Persian Caf khurdis carpet size 200x160 cm
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Yomut "Asmalyk" (camel trapping for wedding procession), Central Asia, late 19th c., 4' x 2'8" Slightly larger than many of the design type Missing ... read more
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Turkish Kilim / Sumak Weaving front or possibly back a bag Size: 2’9” x 3’3” *as is condition * ... read more
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Shriven Region Saddle Bag (flat weave), 1'8" x 4'4" Excellent condition flat woven saddle bag - "khorjin" Fine weave, all natural dyes $600 including ... read more
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Russian Icon Saint George from 1700, antique, collector's item, museum standard. 30 x 27 (cm) 1' x 11" , ... read more
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This is probably my oldest and most important Shahsavan tribe piece. Datable 1850/1860 if not earlier. Size is cm 40x94. It's a ... read more
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Antique Tibetan khaden, 19th century, all dyes natural including beautiful rose and apricot. Three medallion pattern with double dorjee medallions flanking ... read more
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Caucasian Kazak Rug - 5'6 x 7'8 / 170 x 238 cm - late 19th or early 20th c. - original side ... read more
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Central - Asian Antique Turkmen ethnic traditional double-heart silver pendant fire gilded with cornalian and on the stone writing for İslamic good-luck. ... read more
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Mellow Baluchistan flatweave
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1900’s Antique Heriz measuring 9’6”x 11’3” in very good condition.
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11’2”x 12’8” 1900’s Karajeh in very good condition.
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Antique Shirvan Rug 3’10” x 5’10” #7861 $2,500.00 Age: dated 1900
Antique Shirvan Oriental Rug 3’11” x 5’8” #7854 $2,500.00 Age: circa 1890
antique Kilim. Size: 163 x 166 cm. Damaged. Holes.
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Persian Khurdis carpet l think sajbulahk size 210x106cm
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Turkmen Chodor silk embroidery cuffs. Circa 1900 or earlier. Size: 39 cm x 20 cm (15" × 7.8").
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